It is What it Is

Published May 6, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

It is what it is

A few years ago I moved my family to North Carolina in hopes of finding work and a better life for all of us.  We moved with the idea that we would get a large house and share it with my niece and her boys.  So that is exactly what we did.  It was an amazing time, but it only lasted ten months.  Then we found ourselves moving back home.  There weren’t more jobs there than there were here.  Anyway, long story short, when we were living with Amy (my niece) she would use the phrase “it is what it is”  all of the time.  It drove me crazy.  I hated it because I felt like she was using it as a cop-out.  If she didn’t feel like working toward a change she would just stand her ground with her “it is what it is” statement.  Since we are very close I made no bones about the way I felt about her “it is what it is, attitude”.  I picked on her about it all of the time.

Now, I can see that she actually did have the right attitude.  In my recent readings I have found that “it really is what it is”.  We should approach all of life’s situations with this attitude.  We should look at every situation in our life without judgement.  We should learn to relax more, and just let things be.  I have actually tried both sides of the coin.  I have come up against situations that I tried to fix.  I have gotten involved only to make the situation much worse.  I have also had situations in my life that I have allowed to unfold on it own, and in its own time.  What I have found is that by taking a step back, and finding moments of stillness when I started to worry, allowed the situation play out naturally and more amazingly than if I had got involved.

I am making it my practice to handle each and every situation in my life from here on out.  It’s a simpler way to live.  It is finding peace and contentedness in your life.  It is facing each and every set back with the “it is what it is” attitude.


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