Transforming Through Ego Loss

Published May 6, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Awakening Journey


As we progress in the ascension process, one of the major hurdles is ego loss.  Particularly those of us with Kundalini, we go through a period of ego inflation due to our heightened intuitive abilities and accelerated healing abilities.  Therefore, we must overcome this ego inflation or we become stuck in this stage called Spiritual Bypass.  In this phase, we neglect to address our ego due to our ego inflation when ego becomes more powerful.

Once we recognized ego’s control and power over us, we can begin to address ego’s insidious control of us. We observe our ego through our thoughts and behaviors.  How do we know when it is our ego or our higher self?

Ego – negative thoughts, need to always be right, need to control outcome, controlling others, judging, critical, put others down to feel better, need for attention or approval, attachment, codependency, destructive or abusive behaviors…

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