Writing for the Soul

Published May 8, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Writing for the SoulDirect writing is one of the greatest ways to tap into your superconscious.  It will help you to get answers to problems.  Solutions you could not possibly come up with simply by thinking it through.  A lot of times without really understanding we will get our answers from our subconscious mind.  We will take those solutions and apply them, only to make the problem worse.  The problem with getting our information from our subconscious mind is that the information that the subconcious holds is primarily from previous experiences, hurts, and disappointments.  Our ego will get involved, and really derail our progress.  Our ego has a job to do, to protect us.  Even if that means stopping us from fulfilling our dreams.  The ego would rather keep up isolated so we do not get hurt or fail.  Unfortunately, Keeping us from getting hurt or failing means keeping us from finding and fulfilling our life’s purpose.

With direct writing you will get answers that are not fear based.  You will get answers that are fueled by love and acceptance.  It is a simple technique.  Before beginning take a few minutes to clear the mind through meditation.  Ask that all that comes forth is coming from highest form of truth and honesty.  When you begin your direct writing address yourself as if your soul is speaking to you.  Write in the third person addressing yourself by name.  Your first line should be a one liner about whatever it is you are facing.  Begin with the first word that comes to mind and write it down, then the second until you are off and rolling.  Do not judge or think about what you are writing.  Do not stop and read until the pen stops.  You want to be sure you are not allowing your subconscious mind to get involved.

For example this is a small excerpt from my personal journal of a direct writing I did when my husbands hours at work were cut literally in half.  Of course my first thought was to sink down, curl up and panic.  However, instead of doing that I got out my journal and proceeded to do a direct writing about the situation.  It was short but sweet, and brought about great clarity for me about the situation.

“Michele, you know that God has never let you down.  You will be just fine.  Remember when one door closes another one opens.  You have nothing to worry about.  God has your back.  You will not suffer in the least.  It shall be quite the opposite the business shall suffer without Roger.  If you just keep your mind clear and without clutter you will know exactly what you need to know when you need to know it.  So, smile and remember, nothing happens to us it happens for us”.

That tiny paragraph allowed me to feel at ease with the situation.  I actually felt good as though something great would be coming our way.  Instead of facing the situation with fear I was facing it with opportunity.  Direct writing can do that for you too.  It is not enough to just think things through.  In order to really understand any difficult situation we must organize our thoughts.  Make some real sense of whatever is happening in the moment.


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