You’ve Come Along Way Baby

Published May 15, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Now that I have decided to make a change in my life.  Delve into a subject that has always attracted me.  Really work on it, and explore the possibilities it brings forth.  The subject to which I am referring is my intuition.  We all have it.  However, sometimes we cannot hear it due to the incessant chatter of the mind.  A long while ago I was a smoker.  My intuition would nag me about it.  It would quietly whisper “your going to die, you’re going to suffocate slowly while the people who love you watch”.  I heard this voice a lot, but I didn’t listen.  I suppressed the voice over and over again which lead me to feel guilty and ultimately use food to ground myself.  It was a vicious cycle, yet I continued to do it.  My breathing was becoming worse and worse, and I wouldn’t go to the doctor because I knew I was doing this to myself.  I would purchase over the counter inhalers so I could get enough air to have a cigarette.  Crazy, I know, but this is the way smoker’s think.  They enjoy their cigarettes, as I did.  I thoroughly enjoyed smoking so quitting was going to be tough if not impossible, I thought.intuitive thinking

Not so much, one day I heard a new voice that said “if you quit smoking you wouldn’t feel anxious from guilt, you wouldn’t lash out and turn to food for comfort”.  That my friends was an “Aha” moment.  From that point on I began to imagine what that little voice had told me and went for it.  It was right.  No cigarettes equals no guilt and with no guilt came a feeling of complete balance.  I work daily on being more and more away of my intuition and what it wants me to know.  I respond as soon as I hear it.  I figure I can avoid a lot of noise by getting it done.  I use it daily now.  For instance, yesterday was a particularly quiet day at the office, and I only had so much I could do.  I had planned on putting off some for later trying to make it last throughout the day, but my intuition quickly told me to do it.  Something may come up.  So I followed and did it.  I got it done.  Which turned out perfectly for me because we ended up getting out almost two hours earlier than usual.  It was fabulous.  Home in time to watch Dr. Phil.

Anyway the moral to my story is.  If your intuition is telling you to do something, you should act sooner than later.  Ignoring or suppressing your intuition will not work.  It will speak to you quietly at first, but if left unattended it will get louder and louder in the form of emotion and physical pain.  Eventually you are going to have to attend to it.  Fix it or follow it.  It’s as simple as that.  Since I have adopted this way of living I have solved a lot of the problems that my intuition had been pushing me to do for years.

For as long as I can remember my intuition told me to stop eating unhealthy food.  Every minute of everyday my intuition would remind me of the slow torture I was putting on my body.  It would whisper “you are heading for diabetes”.  Until recently, I heard the voice say, a couple of things.  One that my purpose is on the other side of this food imbalance in my life, and two, that I was not alone in this, that God would be there for me that He would give you the strength you need to see this thing through to the end.

lunapic_136862257819614_1I knew what I needed to do to clear my mind of this constant chatter, and that was nourish my body with the most nutritious foods I can find, and those thoughts would be gone.  So that, I have done.  I have been ninety percent clean of all processed foods and refined sugar.  I am proud to say that with God’s help I have dropped from a size twenty-two to a size sixteen in four months.  I feel healthy and clean.  My mind is freer now, and I owe it to my intuition.

I have also since quit drinking.  This one was easy because I had done my fair share of partying.  Been there done that.  I kicked it to the curb and apparently most of my friends went with it.  I am not sad, quite the opposite actually.  I know I am headed somewhere different now.  Some will understand me and some wont, and that is ok.  We are all who we are.  I respect everyone.  I respect individuality and I whole heartedly feel that no one person is better than another and no sin is worse than another sin.  Whether we agree or disagree we are all here to find peace and happiness.  What a world it would be if we all learned to ignore more.  Mind our own business and have compassion for our neighbors.


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