Walking Will Get You There

Published May 16, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks


In this weeks lesson we are learning to notice the messages from the body.  How they rise up first from a physical stand point.  You can physically see it, or touch it, taste it and so on.  It is a part of your world.  Once it becomes a part of you it then moves from just existing to connecting with emotions.  Relationships will be made with the data using previous life experiences as well as insight.  From there it will move to the highest level of the mind, the neocortex where inspiration, creativity, and direct knowing lies.  The first time I read over this I thought this was going to be difficult.  How am I ever going to make the connection between the three levels of awareness so I can recognize it.  It seemed deeper than I could fathom.

I decided to take a little break to check the weather to see if it would be warm enough for me to walk to work.  I couldn’t believe it, it was already forty nine degrees.  I saw the temperature and had a multitude of feelings.  I immediately started doing a direct writing exercise about being able to walk to work.  This lead into a deeper insight into myself.  As I was writing I realized that seeing the forty nine degrees was the first level receiving the data.  Then it moved up to make a connection or a relationship, if you will.  Emotions became attached to the data which was nature, growth, warmth, walking.  From the there the data moved up to the third level of the brain, the neocortex in which I received a direct message “walking will get you there”.  I knew right away that if I walked more I would grow in so many ways, and at the same time I would become more comfortable in my clothes.  It’s good for me.  It’s good for my body.  “Walking will get you there”.

stuffmybrainthinksJust then as I was writing all of this I felt a sudden jerk.  Like something pulled me back almost like saying “you don’t have to do that”.  In an instant I felt that little cue dull all of the inspiration I was just writing about.  I kept writing going with it and what came out was pretty shocking.  I took a deep breath and asked “Could this be my ego talking”?  And if it is what is it trying to protect me from.  The ego’s primary job is to keep us safe, so I could only wonder what was it trying to save me from?  As I continued to write it came out.  What it is trying to save me from is success.  With success comes stress, people will expect more of you, you will have more responsibility.  You are so happy and content.  Why would you want to mess that up?  Don’t rock the boat.  All of this was coming from my ego.  I thought, geesh with friends like that I don’t need enemies.  Seriously, though, it was pretty cool to be able to have a chain of reaction so bold as if to say to me.  Ha, you can easily follow the trail of data beginning from the most primitive area of the brain all the way up to the highest level of the brain, through it all I was able to hear my ego, shoot down that way of thinking, and head on out the door to keep on walking.


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