The Law of Abundance

Published May 18, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Stuff my brain thinksRecently I read a blog about manifesting money into our lives.  I found it quite intriguing, so much so that it has been stuck in my mind ever since.  See, I have watched the movie The Secret.  I do understand the law of attraction, but I have never been able to manifest money.  I have however, been able to manifest so many other things, such as my job, my house, and my car to name a few.  These things came easy to me.  They were seemingly just handed to me on a silver platter.  My house and car were a manifestation from a dream board I created last year.  I pasted the pictures onto the dream board not thinking much of it.  It was my first dream board, and to be honest I was quite skeptical.  However, looking back I can see how it took less than six months for my house and my car to come to me.  That’s a pretty quick turn around.  Therefore, after moving into my new house last October I decided to make a new dream board with a different feel to it.  This dream board started out to be mostly pictures of items that would create a healthy balance in my life.  Something I have never had.  I remember hanging my new bored in my living room the first of November.  I continued to add pictures about being fit and healthy.  About creating a balance that would improve my overall quality of life.  It had nothing to do with losing weight, or looking good.  This was no longer my concern.  Being happy and healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually was what I was after.  Stuff my brain thinks

Over the next few months changes started to occur.  First, I dropped the cigarettes, something I always wondered if I had the strength to do since I had tried so many times in the past, and failed miserably.  However, to my surprise it was the easiest thing I have ever done.  I just simply stopped, and in the place of my love for cigarettes came a blatant disgust for them and the smell of them.  Next I quit drinking.  Not that I was a heavy drinker, but being that my husband is a musician I absolutely did my fair share of it.  One day it occurred to me that drinking was just no fun anymore, so I stopped.  I still love to go out and listen to the music and I still love to dance, but no longer find it necessary to become drunk and silly.  Shoot, I can do that completely sober.  The next transition was the biggest one of all.  I was able to go from a person who had rather big demons with food to a person who lost the desire and the cravings for processed foods and refined sugars.  It was amazing.  The demon was gone.  I have gained and lost weight more times than I can count in my life, and now it seems the demon had moved on.  I was able to have the balance I have always wanted.  I feel amazing and joyful.  I feel a sense of peace and contentedness I never thought possible.  It’s been five months since making that decision, and I am still going strong.  For the first time in my life I feel “normal”.  I am no longer controlled by food.

Stuff my brain thinksSo, yesterday I thought maybe I should add a couple of pictures to my dream board about manifesting money.  I have always been the type that had a “barely get by” attitude.  I guess I didn’t really feel like I deserved more than I had.  I felt as though as long as I could pay my bills and make it to my next paycheck I was doing great.  This is no longer my attitude.  After reading the blog Power of Pies had written, it began to click.  As long as I had the “barely get by” attitude then that is exactly what I would get.  I realized that there is plenty of money in the world for everyone to have enough to live fulfilling lives, and that I deserve it just as much as the next guy.

Now that I have added these pictures to my most current dream board I know that in time I will see a shift in my life.  I have no doubt that I will get what is coming to me.  I believe I am just as entitled to live a prosperous life as anyone else.  Life is good, and I am living proof that every day can and will get better as long as we are focused on the positive, as long as we stay present and grateful.


6 comments on “The Law of Abundance

  • This morning as I went to my car to take my son to school I found a dime and two pennies right outside the driver side door. Twelve cents!! I was never so happy to see that twelve since because this says to me that it’s working.

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    Today my boss and his investment man came into the office and informed me that they would be setting me up a 401k that should have been done last year therefore they would be making a sizable contribution to my account as soon as the paper work is submitted. Yet more proof that what I am doing to manifest money in my life is working. First 12 cents, now much, much more. 🙂

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