Money Meditation

Published May 22, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

stuff my brain thinksAs I walk gently into the center of the green pastor I stop to notice the scent of fresh cut grass, the sight of the multicolored trees before me, and the sound of the wind rustling through the trees.  I become still, paying close attention to each aspect of my sanctuary.  All of a sudden I feel something brush the top of my head.  As I gaze up at the sky I notice it opening up to make way for the shower of money that is falling all around me.  It is all around my feet.

Twenties, fifties, and hundred’s showering me from above.  I quickly bend down and begin grabbing fist fulls of this money sent from heaven. stuff my brain thinks I begin stuffing it into my pockets.  In the pit of my solar plexus I feel a deep sense of happiness knowing that I am deserving of every last note.  All of a sudden people are coming toward me with smiling faces.  I feel deep unconditional love radiating from all of them.  They are here to present me with checks in the form of monetary contributions made especially for me.  I am amazed and grateful at the generosity of so many.  They gather around me anxious to make their deposit into my life.

4 comments on “Money Meditation

  • Ahh, Lovely! I would like your insight on something…

    I have tried the money meditation (I think-is it the same as visualization?) but I have not been able to have the same type of experience. I KNOW I am to experience monetary wealth, I’ve had that since I was a child. But since I have come into my Spiritual Awakening and Awareness, this knowing has blurred some. I find myself doubting especially now as I am experiencing a need for change and expansion physically but am not able to manifest the funds to do so. Could it be that my desire is based in fear and anxiousness why it is not as strong? I’ve had visions of me discovering monetary wealth but when I exit those visions, it only takes for me to want to get something, realizing I don’t have enough funds to get it, for that vision to fade into the background. I don’t want to lose my faith and belief in these visions and what my Spirit has shown me, but it is challenging when your physical experience is contrary to what you know.

    • I understand what you are saying, completely. I believe that I am deserving of prosperity as well, however, I live week to week. As most of us do. I think, though that we should simply believe… Our time table is not the same as God’s time table. We will come into our own wealth when we are ready and in God’s time. It’s important to stay in faith as everything is a test and this may be a test of your faith. Don’t give up! Believe that as long as you continue to be your best your day will come. Believe and keep your mind still so that you can hear the messages from your intuition and you will know exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. Good Luck and stay positive 🙂

      • Beautiful! And today my boss came to me with my 401k. He apologized that it wasn’t done sooner and said he would make it up to me with a sizable contribution. Another piece of evidence that it’s working 🙂 Keep the faith.

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