Peace, Love & Intuition

Published May 22, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Stuff my brain thinks

The more I work with my intuition I realize how important it is to heed its call.  If we want our intuition to guide us then we have to listen and follow.  We must be obedient.  We can agree that our intuition knows what is best for us.  It is through our intuition that we receive the highest quality of information that is tailored specifically for each of us, as individuals.  Information that comes from the most pure place of love.  We all have our own calling or purpose for our lives.  Doesn’t it make sense to listen and follow what comes from within, instead of what we see in the media, or hear from our friends and family.  We are all uniquely different.  No one other person could possibly begin to understand in intricacies of each of us as individuals.  Once I finally got this, I began to be me.  I finally understood what it meant to be authentic.  Before I was what I thought everyone else wanted me to be.  Which lead to a life of smoking, over eating, and a whole lot of other destructive behavior.  Behavior that had me in and out of depression more times than I can count.  The best way to be  authentically you is to clean out all the unnecessary chatter of the mind. Once you have done that you will be open to receive the messages from your intuition.  Lets face it, if we are completely wrapped up in a million other things how could we ever be able to hear or feel the important data we need to live optimal lives.  The quickest and easiest way to open the channels to our intuition is through meditation.

I believe everyone needs meditation in their lives.  I’m not sure why people are so resistant to it.  It can be done in as little as twenty minutes and over time will allow the mind to become still easier and more often.  Meditation has changed my life.  When I first began my mind was filled with thought after thought of unnecessary information.  I felt tense most of the time just trying to sort through it all.  When I heard that Deepak Chopra and Oprah were having a 21-Day Mediation Challenge, I knew I had to get in on that.  It’s been a couple of months now.  I do my own meditations on a daily basis.  Anyone can and should do it.  If you find yourself becoming tightly wound even one time during the day, you need it.  Nothing will bring you closer to the truest form of communication that of which we call our intuition.  After even one day your mind will become quiet, your stress level will decrease, your reaction to problems will become less intense.intuition

However, I must warn you, if you have things in your life that your intuition has been after you to take care of, expect these issues to rise to the surface.  Whatever they may be.  For me the first one was to stop smoking, followed by eating healthy, and then by moving more.  Remarkably once I made a plan and really made up my mind to be more mindful of what my body wants and needs it was easy to do all of those things.  I had all the support I needed from God. There was no struggle to quit smoking, the cravings for unhealthy food were gone.  Everything seemed to fall into place.  I found the balance I had always hoped for.  Everything you know, intuitively, that you have to take care of will seem harder on the surface than it really is.  Once you start to clear these things up the reward will be too great to ignore.

Life as you know it will shift.  Things will start to work out.  Everything will flow naturally.  You will then be able to experience peace in a way you never thought possible.  I always knew that my purpose would be on the other side of my addictions, that being food and cigarettes.  I knew that if I could remove the toxins from my life that I would begin to understand what it is I am here for.  I guess the need to live a purposeful life out weighed the need to smoke and eat unhealthy toxic foods.  Removing just those two things has freed me up to hear and feel the data that transpires within me.  It allows me to do what I need to do to get to the next chapter in my life in the easiest way possible.


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