Staying in Faith

Published May 23, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

stuff my brain thinks faith

A lot of times what we want for our lives and the path that God has made for us are not one in the same.  However, I do know that what I have planned for my life will pale in comparison to what God’s plan is.  This is why a lot of times it may take longer for us to find our true passion.  We have our own plan and tend to  force things to happen.  While that may be all well and good for some, it is not for me.  I have tried to force situations or people into my life, and while it worked for a short time, it eventually fizzled out.  Either the situation was a bust or the person I was holding on to left  anyway.  I truly believe that our passion and the road to it should not be a struggle.  It should feel natural and easy.  It should spur excitement not anxiety or fear.  It should make us feel full.

A few years ago while I was on my way to work I remember thinking “there has to be something more for my life”.  Just then a still small voice came forth and said “blog”.  At this time I didn’t know what blog was, but intended on looking into it further so after work I did some research.  That is when I discovered WordPress and started my very first blog.  I always loved to write, and have always kept a journal, so I thought, why not.  I know that I am supposed to be writing daily.  How do I know this?  Because when I write the time gets away from me.  It makes me feel full on the inside.  Writing is my passion.  Anything you do that allows time to stop, or stand still within you, is your passion.  I believe if we stop chasing money and follow our passion the money will chase us.  Of course, nothing happens over night.  We have to be patient and stay in faith.  We all have a certain amount of disappointments and failures we must go through.  God is only going to move us forward as we are ready which means passing many tests.  The ones we don’t pass we will do until we do pass and the ones we do will make us that much stronger for whatever it is that God has in store for us.stuff my brain thinks god love

I have been doing a lot of work with the “Law of Attraction” and the “Law of Abundance”.  I am new to it and am just coming into the belief that I deserve just as much as the next guy.  It takes time, but I belive in the power of the mind and of the self-fulfilling prophecy.  If we believe it we can achieve it.  We just have to believe from the depths of our core, and stay in faith for as long as it takes.  We tend to be a NOW society, but that is not the way God works.  It will happen when the time is right.  Everything happens for a reason and each and every good and bad situation we endure is an ingredient that is needed for us to become who God has planned for us to be.

I still have to work, but am lucky enough to have a job now that I truly love.  Being there is like being at home.  I am blessed.  As much as I do love my job I know that it is not my passion to sell beer for a living.  My passion is to write and help people find happiness from within.  I believe that as long as I continue to write and do what I love that money will eventually follow.  I know that when I am ready God will set me up for a break through, and I know just a small touch of God’s hand will take me years ahead.

Until then, I intend on staying in faith.  I will continue to go out into the world and be the best person I can be.  To use my words to lift people up.  To speak encouragement over people who otherwise may not have anyone to do so.  I know that if I am good to the universe, the universe will be good to me.  Therefore, it is my position to make every day count, to speak the truth out of love.  To provide hope for the future through my words.  Words are powerful.  Never under-estimate the power of your words.  On one hand, you have the ability to lift someone up and help them find the strength to achieve their goals.  On the other hand, if not careful, you have the ability to tear them down, and be the reason for another’s dissension into darkness.  Be uplifting.  Choose your words carefully and lovingly.  Simply making a conscious decision each day to lift someone up.  This will change your life greatly.


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