Being Mindful, Not Mind Full

Published May 24, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

out of the box

This morning while blow drying my hair it became clear that my mind was on the run.  I began to notice I was going from one thought to another.  It was like my brain was running a muck.  As soon as I realized it I took a deep breath and used the mantra “I am” silently to myself.  I instantly became still, and as I did I felt the tension in my body release.  After a few more deep breaths using my mantra I had successfully shifted from a subconscious world view to a superconscious wold view.  It was that quick.  All of those random nonsensical thoughts vanished and I was left with peace of mind.  It has become clear to me that if I am not careful I could become stuck in the subconscious world view.  A place of fear and anxiety?  No thanks.  Been there done that.

I guess it all comes back to having unwavering faith that all shall unfold as it should.  The good and the bad being part of the end result.  Believing that our path is our path why struggle through it.  It is easier, really, to relax and let it go.  Understanding full well that God has it all taken care of.  Have you ever had a situation that if you would have let it be it would have turned out much better, much quicker?  I know I have.  I have forced situations in my life before only to have them end even worse than they would have had I just let go in the first place.


I have learned that if I want to live a quality life I have to be mindful of myself.  What am I thinking?  Why am I thinking that?  Is it negative or positive?  I have to keep track of these things because when I did allow my mind to run a muck, I ended up deeply depressed and detached from my family.  It was no way to live.  It is so important to monitor our thoughts.  I read somewhere that we have somewhere from sixty to seventy thousand random thoughts a day.  How can we even understand what is happening to us internally due to those thoughts if we don’t hear them.  Since I began making it a practice to  pay attention to my thoughts.  I have noticed the way my body reacts to them.  I can certainly tell the difference between living subconsciously and superconsciously.  Being in a subconscious state is a state of prior experiences mostly the bad ones.  My subconscious mind doesn’t use the good experiences to “show” me anything.  It is full of fear and anxiety.  This is not the place in which you want to get your answers from. Making decisions on impulse or due to your emotions usually warrants a bad outcome.  One the other hand, being in a superconscious state feels light and uplifting.  In this state everything and anything is possible.  The world is my oyster.  Life is full of endless possibilities.  All my problems have solutions I just have to listen for them to become clear to me and simply follow.  It is not always going to be the easy fix, but it will be easier that trying to figure it out on our own.  The right way is always presented to us.  Do we take it or do we skirt around it ultimately exacerbating the issue?

quotes-forgiveness-tony-robbins-600x411Anyway, this is all coming from a girl who was so wrapped up in her subconscious world view at one point felt as though she were at the bottom of a dark well, looking up and could only see a dot of sunshine.  At one point happiness to meant dying to me.  I was trapped under a heavy load of thoughts that were so exaggerated they had no credibility what-so-ever.  Once I started to really listen to my thoughts it became easier and easier to draw out the bogus ones, and let them go.  Little by little I called them out, disputed them in my mind, realized they had no validity and let them all go.  Something as a young person, I never thought possible.  I thought I was doomed to live this way.  berated in my own mind.  Why would anyone want to live that way?  I can answer that, no one wants to live being a prisoner to their own mind.  No one wants to hear constant negativity running like a tape recorder through their head day in, day out.  And the good news no one has to.  We are fully capable and have the power to rid our minds of unwanted thoughts.  There are usually a few that play over and over again.  Those are the easiest to pick out and the easiest to leave behind.  Call them out, analyze them.  Is it true?  And if it is, should you be punished for it everyday of your life?  Have you been punished enough?  Human beings are terrible for wanting to punish and be punished for the same mistake thousand of times.  We are human, we make mistakes.  It’s OK.  Forgive yourself and move on.  I am very forgiving of others.  It was learning to forgive myself that was difficult.  Difficult, but not impossible.  I do forgive myself for everything I have done in my past.  I live to mean no harm therefore I deserve to be forgiven.  We all do.


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