Heed the Messages of Our Dreams

Published May 26, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

stuff my brain thinks

As we delve deeper into our imagination and the symbols it uses to communicate with us I am in complete awe at how incredible the meanings are when analyzed. Going deeper than our first and most logical thought, and finding the deeper hidden message to the symbols our intuition uses to communicate is awe-inspiring.  Have you ever had a dream that kind of set the tone for your day, and not in a good way?  As soon as you open your eyes it’s still there, in all of its vividness.  Knowing there is a message there but unable to decipher what the message could be?  I have had these types of dreams many times.  I usually am unable to make sense of them, therefore I put them out of my mind.  However, now that I have some knowledge of symbols and how to interpret them I have found much deeper meanings to some of the dreams I have had recently.  It’s amazing at the important messages I would have missed had I not take the time to look deeper into them.law-of-attraction

One dream in particular was one I had about being on a road trip with my husband.  We had made it to our destination with the use of a regular bicycle, however as we were getting ready to head back we noticed our bicycle was broken.  The seat had been torn from the bike, rendering it unusable.  We decided to rent a moped to finish our trip.  As I saw the moped I noticed first the very wide seat that would definitely be big enough to fit my oversize tush.  I felt it, it was soft.  I felt confident that it would hold me and make for a comfortable trip.  As I climbed on the moped I saw the tires squish slightly under the weight of my body.  They held me.  Again I felt relieved and supported.  As we were getting ready to take off I noticed a group of people eating and drinking as a set of picnic tables watching and laughing at me.  I could hear them making fun of my size and the poor moped having to bare the weight of my body.  As we were pulling away I looked at all of them, feeling powerful I raised my hand to the sky, and gave them the finger as we pulled out into the roadway.  I felt liberated from them.  They had no meaning in my life.  The next thing I noticed were the multicolored trees ahead and the road racing past us with its smooth almost sleek texture.  Just then my husband pulled his shirt over his head while driving and I stated:  “if you are going to do things like that I don’t think I can do this with you”

That was my dream in a nut shell.  When I woke from this dream I initially felt disturbed and hurt by it.  I felt like I was berating myself as I slept about my weight.  To be honest it took some writing to be able to get on with my day and leave those hurtful thoughts behind.  So, today as I was working on my lesson on symbols and how to find their hidden meaning I decided to decode this very disturbing dream.  When I did I was surprised at the outcome.  The message I got after looking deeper was one of great love and wisdom.  It was not a negative dream, but one of enlightenment.

dream-catcherHere is my interpretation of this dream.  The seat of the moped being large and soft represented the comfort of my journey.  The tires of the moped only squished slightly letting me know that they were pliable.  I got a sense of reassurance that I was being supported in my journey ahead.  The broken bicycle represented the leaving of something behind that was broken and no longer useful to me.  My flipping the people off making fun as I drove away represents the abandonment of the old tired Michele.  Those ugly old negative thoughts and feelings are gone now.  What is left is the new Michele.  You are coming into your new state of being.  The landscape of multicolored trees is a representation of my path.  The path I am heading to is beautiful and meaningful.  The road itself and how it was passing by at a high rate of speed represents the speed in which I am moving toward my higher self, and living in a state of purposefulness.  Finally, Roger removing his shirt while driving and my saying I am not sure I can do this with you represents the fact that we are moving in completely different directions in our lives and I question whether or not we will be able to stay on this road together.  All in all, I found this dream inspirational.  Now that I have found the interpretation of each of the prevalent symbols.  I believe my superconscious mind was giving me the message that I have successfully made the shift from my old negative self, to my new more positive self.  The old being self-destructive, depressed and pessimistic, to the new full of optimism, peace and pure comfort.

This shift that has taken nearly five months.  In the first step of the creative cycle we get the inspiration to make the necessary changes.  Naturally the inspiration comes with a healthy dose of motivation which makes it easier to get going.  When I made the necessary changes, I saw results immediately.  My clothes started to feel looser, and my breathing was getting better every day.  I know longer agonized over the scary thought of suffocating myself to death because I smoked.  I felt on top of the world.  I continued on making mindful decisions on what to do next to ensure my success.  I was hooked.  My energy level was on high and I became one organized machine.  Over time this way of living has become natural.  It requires less and less mindfulness on my part.  I have mastered the second part of the creative cycle.  Having the results of the initial inspiration.  Finally after several months I settled into the third and last step in the creative cycle.  The “being” part of the cycle, and the one most of us fall short on.  When we finally make it to this stage the motivation and excitement is gone, we have become the initial inspiration.  You can recognize this stage because you will become bored.  A lot of times when we get to this stage we succumb to the boredom and  turn to our old behavior and addictions for excitement once again.  Now that I am aware that I was doing this over and over again, I have found it within me to embrace the boredom.

When I recognized that I had made it through every cycle, and that all I had to do was relax, and “just be” what my intuition initially beckoned me to be, I found it within me to embrace the boredom.  I sort of reveled in it at first all the while reading and journaling my thoughts.  Which for me meant the difference between success and failure.  I kept my mind stimulated by delving into other things, finding other interests, other ways of stimulating my mind.  This helped greatly in allowing me to settle into this new person I have become.  It gave me exactly what I needed to bridge the gab between just being and my next inspiration to activate the creative cycle, growing intuitively and spiritually.


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