7-Spiritual Laws of Success

Published May 28, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

It took me two days to get through this video.  It is packed full of note worthy information.  Here are the following laws and what I got out of each of them.  I want to thank Deepak Chopra for taking the time to share his wisdom and insight with all of us.

1.  The law of pure potentiality

This law can be reached by the use of mediation.  Only in the midst of the silence are we able to reach pure potentiality.  It is in the silence that anything and everything is possible.

2.  The law of giving

This law creates a consistent flow of giving and receiving because everything that we give is ultimately received back to us.  The more we give the more we receive.  This giving doesn’t have to be of monetary value.  It can be a kind word, a compliment, a hug, or a prayer.  We must make it our purpose to give something to each and every person we come into contact with.  This will lead us to the next law which is,

3.  The law of Karma

Which means that every decision will have a karmic value.  Whether it be good or bad there will be some sort of karma attached to it.  We can be sure to sow the seeds of good karma by asking: Who will my decision affect and what are the consequence.  We can then look within our hearts for the answer.  If the decision is one of ill will or discomfort, simply do not make that decision.  If it carries love and pure comfort then you will know that you are the right track for making a decision that will ultimately benefit you and those affected by such decisions.

4.  The law of least effort

This is my favorite one of all.  It is simple.  We must all things to unfold as they should.  No situation or solution should be forced.  In doing so you are creating ever bigger problems.  There should be a hint of an idea follow by extreme flexibility to move you toward the end result.

5.  The law of intention and desire

Which means whatever we give our attention to will create an intention and desire to manifest the desired result.  There should be no resistance.  This should be easy.  There should be no struggle.

6.  The law of detachment

The law of detachment works only when we surrender our expectation of the end result.  We must pass no judgement.

7.  The law of Dharma

Is simply living your purpose.  Ask:  What are my unique talents, and how should I express them?  and How can my unique talents serve mankind?  After all we are here to serve in some way.  By finding out what our purpose is and how we can help we will find our way to prosperity.

By following each of these laws which are put together as a progression we can be content in knowing that we will acquire the highest form of success.  Success is not measured by the dollars in our pockets, but more about how we serve our fellow-man.  How we make life on this planet better for ourselves as well as others.

For a PDF of the above information you can visit 7-Spiritual laws


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