Every Action has a Karmic Value

Published June 2, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

KARMAIf you follow the 7-Spiritual Laws then you know that karma plays a large part in all of our lives.  All decisions and choices have a karmic value.  Whether it be good or bad, every action we make will create an inflow of karma back to us.  This is why it is important to make decisions and choices that are for the betterment of all involved.  When faced with a decision it is best to take the time and ask:  “who will this decision affect, and what are the consequences of said decision”?  Most of us make snap decisions without putting any thought into it at all.  Unfortunately, this could run us into some trouble.  It is best to ponder the decision and really ask ourselves what is in the best interest of all involved.  If our choice leaves us with a feeling of discomfort then we know we should make a different choice one that will leave us with a feeling of pure comfort.

We all know the difference between right and wrong.  Sometimes, however, we choose the path that is easiest because we think we will get to where we are going faster.  This could not be farther from the truth.  Often times God will present us with several different options as a test.  Each test, if passed, will show God that we are ready to move us forward to the next chapter in our lives.  We all have free will which means we can choose our course of our own volition.  Unfortunately, if we make the wrong choice we will inadvertently find ourselves off course thus, having to go back and make the more difficult but right choice eventually anyway.

Throughout our lives we make bad decisions and we hurt people.  This in inevitable we are all human but we can offset our earlier mistakes by living consciously now.  We can set out each day to deposit some good into the lives of those around us.  It can be something small such as a compliment, a prayer, or even a hug.  In my journey for spiritual growth I have found the need to lift people up.  Wherever I go I seek out people I can be good to.  I used to think that giving only meant of monetary value.  However, now I know that not having money to share is not a cross to bear.  I have many other things to share.  Words are powerful and I have plenty of those.karma-stuff my brain thinks

There are times that I will feel the need to send a message to someone I hardly know.  A message of faith and understanding.  During one of Joel Osteen’s messages he explained how we all have the ability to breathe life into the future of those around us.  That our words are strong and powerful.  Words can be the reason someone finds the strength to become something they never thought they could.  Our words have the power to save lives.  On the other hand, just as our words can save a life they also have the ability to end a life.  This is why we must choose our words carefully and always mean what we say.  If our words are not coming from a place of love and understanding then maybe we should keep them to ourselves.  If every day we get up with the intention to give encouragement, compassion, and understanding to those in our circle we can ensure that we are sewing seeds of great karmic value for our own life.  No matter what we have done in our past we can always start today in building a mountain of good karma that will not only help those around us but make a better way for ourselves as well.


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