A Series of Events Lined up by The Universe

Published June 3, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Most of my life I had been plagued with what I like to call “fat brain”.  I was convinced that this was something I was just going to have to accept and live with.  I have battled the bulge for as long as I can remember.  I have tried literally hundreds of diets with very little success.  Most of my success was short-lived ultimately ending after a few months followed by several months of weight gain.  Like most people I would gain everything I lost, plus some.  A vicious cycle that at my largest had me at three hundred pounds.  I felt hopeless.  Like I was doomed, however I never gave up.  I knew that if I kept trying that God would help me find success.  After all, God helps those who help themselves, right?  That’s what I kept telling myself, anyway.  Guess what, I was right.

Then through a series of events I was able to transform my mind.  I no longer am burdened by “fat brain”.  I believe because I never gave up on myself I was able to find peace with this through God.  Looking back over the past year I can see how I began to surrender.  I decided in the early part of 2012 that I was just going to relax and follow what my intuition or my inner voice of God instructed me to do.   I relinquished control and went with the flow.  It was then that my life began to evolve into what it is now.  That being peaceful, content, guilt free, loving, and kind.  All of this by simply changing my thoughts.   reprogramming the mind by submerging myself in spirituality and personal growth.

Anyway, at this point I had been exhausting myself trying to find a better position so I quit looking for a job.  I told God what I wanted and waited for the right situation to present itself.  It wasn’t six weeks later that I was offered a really great position in the office I was already working in.  I’ve been in this new position for about a year now and I must say I love it and I love going to work.  It was right around this time that I created my first dream board.  On the board I posted a picture of a little red house.  For no reason.  It was cute and I thought “why not”.  Six months later we were moving into a house almost exactly the same as the one I posted on my dream board.  Of course I thought I must be on to something so I decided to create another dream board about becoming healthy, and balanced.  Something I have always longed for.  To feel “normal”.  I put all kinds of clippings all over it.  A girl walking like she is loving every minute of it.  A lot of words such as healthy, get fit, and balance, along with all the emotions I would like to experience on a daily basis, joy, happiness, peace, love, content, and so on.

My newest Dream Board

My newest Dream Board

It was mid November when I hung my dream board in the living room of our new home.  Then, I did nothing.  At the time  I was unaware of exactly what was evolving but what I was actually doing was applying law the Law of Intention and Desire by posting this dream board.  I put it out there so the universe could work its magic.  Then after hanging my dream board I did nothing.  Unintentionally applying another law of the 7-Spiritual Laws of Success, one of my favorites, the Law of Least Effort.  Since it was close to the holidays I decided to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas and work on it after all of the festivities were over.  So I did nothing.  I baked and enjoyed all the goodies that seemed to be everywhere.

Then for Christmas I got a tablet from my husband and son.  I had never been a reader, but I was willing to give it a shot.  I created an Amazon account and started looking for books that interest me. This turned out to be very easy.  When I would sign into my account the book that was perfect for me was the first book under books that may interest you.  I knew as soon as I saw each and every book, that these were divine selections.  I have learned so much.  I have been able to transform my mind.  Each book, each program, each spiritual blog played a large part in my spiritual growth.  I am able to live each day free of food thoughts, and a nagging mind.  I am at peace.  Now I am ready for the exciting stuff to come.  I am excited about my future.  I am not sure what’s in the works but I fully intend on listening to my intuition and following.  I know that as long as I spend my days doing exactly what I love to do, I am successful.  Happy and Successful.  Peaceful and pure comfort.  That is where Pure Potentiality lives. Where all things are possible.  Sounds like the sweet spot to me.


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