Recipe’s and Tips for Healthy Eating

Published June 5, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

For the past several months I have found the need to get creative in my cooking.  I have several easy to make recipes for those trying to eat a little leaner and cleaner.  I base my meals on 300 calories (give or take).  Most all of my meals can be made in less than 30 minutes including prep time.  I usually make them as a double serve and put one in the fridge or freezer for convenience.  I will also keep a few cooked pieces of cooked chicken in the fridge.  This will cut out even more of the prep time.  This works beautifully.  One thing I have learned is preparation is key to a healthy life style.  Being that we are an on the go society we must prepare for those times to ensure success.

As far as shopping goes.  I have found that if you buy the  large container of ground turkey and separate it into 10 servings.  That makes each serving about 200 calories.  I then put each serving into sandwich bags.  Then into a gallon freezer bag.  The container cost approximately $8.00 here and last me about a week.  That makes each serving about .80 cents.  The chicken breast cost about $10.00 here.  I get 8 pieces in a pack, making each piece $1.25.  I only mention this because people will often complain that they cannot afford to eat healthy.  If you are conscious of what you are doing you CAN afford it.

So, please stay tuned for recipes to follow.


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