It’s All About You

Published June 6, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

stuff my brain thinks

A couple of days ago I was meditating on what to blog about.  Since working with my intuition I have learned that if you want an answer to a question all you have to do is ask, wait and the answer will come.  On this day I did just that.  After I finished meditating I proceeded with my morning routine.  It wasn’t a half an hour later that my sister called and asked if I would jot down my recipes and send them to her so she could start eating better in hope of losing a little weight.  It was at that moment that I realized that my answer had come through my sister.  So, since making the commitment to follow my intuition I immediately started a new category, recipes and tips for healthy eating a subject near and dear to my

I love to cook and create fabulously tasting meals.  It just so happens that they are also great for melting off the fat.  Seriously, I eat quite a bit because, lets face it, I like to eat.  I have simply come up with a creative way of cooking that has worked great for me.  It has allowed me to go from a bursting size twenty-two to a comfortable size sixteen in five short months with almost zero effort on my part.  I just started cooking with the freshest foods without being to rigid as to not enjoy life.  I am never hungry because if I am, I eat.  I eat about five times a day and I am not exactly into exercise.  I do make sure to move my body during the day.

Being that I am an administrative assistant I don’t  get much exercise from my job.  Therefore, I make it a point to dance every day.  The minute my feet hit the floor I am off to dance for thirty minutes.  I tap into my inner drunk girl and get down with my bad self.  I dance because I know I have to move my body and dancing makes me happy.  I also walk.  I walk because it makes me feel connected to the earth.  I often like to do a walking meditation using a mantra to keep my mind quiet and still.  I am able to see the bigger picture now.  It is not about weight, or looks.  Those are all superficial things.  I believe if I live a life that supports balance of mind, body and spirit I am sure to radiate a beauty that can only come from inside.  I do not need to try and fit into what society wants us to think is beautiful.  It’s about something much deeper than surface beauty.


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