Is Your “Diet” to Rigid?

Published June 26, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Stuff My Brain ThinksIt has become apparent to me recently that over the years I hindered my weight loss efforts by being to rigid.  I remember trying literally ever fad diet on the market.  I would follow them to the letter which became increasingly more difficult which would ultimately bring about failure.  I would make a small mistake and that would send me off into a full-blown binge that would last for days and sometimes even weeks.  Over the past six months or so I have learned that flexibility is the way to find success here.  We are not meant to follow a rigid program.  We can try but we will fail.  I have learned from Eckhart Tolle that whatever we resist, persist.  Therefore, I resist nothing.  I know what is healthy for my body and mind and for the most part that is what I eat, however I am human.  When I go to a cook out or a celebration I enjoy the same foods as everyone else, and I do this without the guilt and shame that used to be associated with what I ate.  I have come to realize that this is normal.  What isn’t normal is eating the same thing day in, day out or having a list of foods that are forbidden.  I mean come on people, we all know what happens when something or someone is forbidden, we want it even more.balanced-diet

Over the past several months there have been probably a handful of times that I ate foods that were not exactly in the healthy category.  Thankfully I have removed measuring my success by the scale.  I am certain that had I got up the next morning after having that piece of cake or that hot dog at graduation and weighed myself I would have become instantly discouraged.  Our weight fluctuates every day.  I can remember deciding what I should weigh before even getting on the scale.  A number that, for the most part, never corresponded with what I actually weighed.  Consequently, that number would steal my joy.  Which would in turn drive me to my comfort foods and cause an even greater weight gain.  A vicious cycle.

How much we weigh and how much we lose in a given week should not be the focus.  The focus should be how good do we feel?  How much energy do we have?  Do we feel light and breezy compared to the old sluggish, depressed person we once were?  There are so many less discouraging ways to measure success.  I personally measure my success by the way my clothes feel, the obvious increase in my energy, and my over all happiness.  I went from laying on the couch wishing I was able to get out and do the things other people did to being that person, doing those things.  I walk, I dance, I laugh, I smile, I enjoy life.


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