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Individuality=Uniqueness Celebrate it!

Published July 31, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

It occurred to me that the most judgmental person is also the most insecure. I try very hard not to judge others. I mean, I don’t like to be judged myself, and I am certainly not perfect, therefore, I don’t believe I have the right to judge anyone. Up until recently, I would become appalled at those who blatantly chose to judge people, whether it be for the way they dress, their size, or the home they live in. Often times I would call them out on it, trying to make them understand that everyone has the right to live their live’s the way they see fit. Or, I would try to reason that it was causing them unnecessary stress by worrying about what other’s are doing.

Then it hit me. They weren’t doing it to be malicious. They were doing it because they were insecure with themselves. It’s so obvious to me now. I will no longer look at those who judge as bad people. I will look at them for what they are, flawed, just like me.  We are all flawed in some way.  These people have not yet realized that they are perfectly perfect just the way they are, and that they are who they are and that’s OK.  Individuality is what gives us our uniqueness, and my uniqueness is not something I am willing to give up for fear of judgement.

From now on when I witness a judgmental act I will not call them out, but instead I will compliment them. I will find some way to lift them up. This is going to be a challenge and I will have to remind myself that their judgement’s come from a place of hurt not hate.

It’s Time to Move On

Published July 30, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

imagesIt became apparent to me yesterday that I didn’t actually have a “goal” as far as weight or size goes.  My goal has always been to improve my quality of life, which I did, but now I realize that I am very close to being the size twelve I have always wanted to be.  It became clear yesterday that I was carrying around some serious blocks hindering my progress.  When I started to explore my thoughts and feelings about being the size I am vs. being the size I want to be.  I decided it was time to get over it and know that I do have what it takes to be a size twelve.  I also deserve it.  I can and will be it.

So, I went online to find some new additions for my dream board.  I have known for a while that it was time to update it to reflect the me of today.  Therefore, I added a picture of a girl jumping in the air with excitement with the caption “size 12”.  I also added the words “You can be a size 12” in bold letters.  Today I will look for more pictures that inspire me.  I have complete faith in the dream board.  I have been using mine for a couple of years now and it has manifested things rather quickly, so I am ready for a break through.  🙂

I have clearly stated my intention and desire, now I will let it come to me.  I have completely detached myself from the outcome and I will let it happen naturally.  I will not force it, nor will I resist anything.  I am simply going to relax and allow my intuition guide me to it.

Feeling inspired!

Thank You God <3

Published July 26, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Thank_You_GodThank you God for giving me the strength I need to maintain my healthy boundaries this weekend.  Thank you for the where-with-all to recognize that the weekends are no different from the week days.  Thank you for loving me and supporting me throughout my days.  Thank you for the drive to do what is  right for the greater good of myself, as well as those around me.

My Daily Intentions

Published July 26, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Today, I intend on keeping the support of God in the forfront of my mind.  I intend on focusing on the strength I have to maintain my healthy boundaries.  I also intend on making peace with my weekend mentality.  Finally, I intend on reminding myself that I am blessed with a seed of inner greatness that allows me to draw from it the strength to to do what is best for my mind and my body.

Why Can’t We All Mind Our Own Business

Published July 25, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

pussy-catI cannot tell you how many times I hear things like: “look at how low that kids pants are.  That really ticks me off”.  Or:  “Wow, look at the amount of make-up that girl is wearing.  That’s so irritating”.  This makes very little sense to me.  Why would another persons preferences make another person mad?

What is inappropriate to you may not be inappropriate to another.  Fortunately, we have the right to decide how we want to live our lives.  I learned along time ago that in order to live a happier life I would have to ignore more.  If it has nothing to do with me, I ignore it.  I cannot see how or why someone would want to become annoyed or angry because of the way a person dresses, wears their make-up, or conducts their life in general.

If you find yourself doing this, simply ask yourself:  “Does this directly affect my life or the lives of anyone I love”?  If the answer is no, move on.  There is no need to create extra stress in an already stressful world.

My Daily Intentions

Published July 24, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

judgementToday, I intend on ignoring more.  I intend on seeing others points of view without passing judgement.  I also intend to be more understanding and empathetic.  Finally, I intend on experiencing pure comfort and peace within so as to heed the messages from my higher self.


Published July 23, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

It seems I have completed the “Be-Do-Have-Be” cycle mentioned in the book The Intuitive Way by Penny Peirce.  As I look at the big picture of my life the last eight months I can clearly see how I have made it full circle in the cycle of creation.  Now all I need is another “be”.  This cycle starts out with an inspiration.  You imagine you are whatever it is you wish to achieve.  In your mind you be it.  In the next step you are motivated to do what it is that needs to be done to manifest results which is the third step, you begin to have those results.  In the final step you simply be whatever it is you intended to be.  This, for most of us, is the hardest step.  Just being is difficult because there is an obvious state of boredom that will surface.  Some people will find themselves drawn back to their old ways in the midst of that boredom.  However if you find something new to be passionate about you can ward off the boredom and onto bigger and better

That is why I have decided to once again really step away from the television and search out what it is that excites me.  I crave knowledge and love to read, now it’s time to find a new thought-provoking topic that I can submerge myself in.  I have noticed a pattern with my relationship to the television.  The more I watch the more I eat.  The two seem to go hand in hand.  Therefore, it is time to cut back on the TV watching.  It’s time to hear the next inspiration that’s ready to be heard.  To be directed to the next project that will succeed the passion of the last.

My Daily Intentions

Published July 23, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

images (1)Today, I intend on making a conscious effort to step away from the television.  I intend on using the free time to do something creative.  I intend on looking for new and exciting ways to stimulate my mind.  Finally, I intend on being aware of any and all new opportunities that should present itself.

My Daily Intentions

Published July 22, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

gratitudeToday, I intend on doing a walking meditation.  I intend on using nature to create balance for myself today.  I also intend on giving my work my all while being aware of any and all learning situations.  I intend on nourishing my body with only the cleanest foods and my mind with only the most nurturing thoughts.  Lastly, I intend on being encouraging and grateful throughout.

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