It All Starts with an Intention

Published July 15, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

intentionFor quite some time now I have written my daily intentions in my personal journal.  I found that doing this actually set the stage for the day.  I put a lot of thought into my daily intentions, they come from the heart and a lot of times from my higher self.  Each morning just before meditation I ask for the right words to express how I want to live my day.  I don’t force the words.  I Meditate and continue on with my morning “to do’s” until I know what it is I want to do and exactly how I want to express it.

It is not enough to just think to yourself what it is you want to do.  You actually need to write it down to solidify it and make it part of you.  The rest is very simple, just go on about your day, but be sure to be open and flexible.  Often times we not only decide what it is we want to do but how it is to be done.  This is not our concern, we only need to be passionate with our intent  and move on.  We don’t have to put in so much effort, all we have to do is have the ability to go with the flow, and let the universe decide how you are going to get there.



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