Published July 23, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

It seems I have completed the “Be-Do-Have-Be” cycle mentioned in the book The Intuitive Way by Penny Peirce.  As I look at the big picture of my life the last eight months I can clearly see how I have made it full circle in the cycle of creation.  Now all I need is another “be”.  This cycle starts out with an inspiration.  You imagine you are whatever it is you wish to achieve.  In your mind you be it.  In the next step you are motivated to do what it is that needs to be done to manifest results which is the third step, you begin to have those results.  In the final step you simply be whatever it is you intended to be.  This, for most of us, is the hardest step.  Just being is difficult because there is an obvious state of boredom that will surface.  Some people will find themselves drawn back to their old ways in the midst of that boredom.  However if you find something new to be passionate about you can ward off the boredom and onto bigger and better

That is why I have decided to once again really step away from the television and search out what it is that excites me.  I crave knowledge and love to read, now it’s time to find a new thought-provoking topic that I can submerge myself in.  I have noticed a pattern with my relationship to the television.  The more I watch the more I eat.  The two seem to go hand in hand.  Therefore, it is time to cut back on the TV watching.  It’s time to hear the next inspiration that’s ready to be heard.  To be directed to the next project that will succeed the passion of the last.


4 comments on “Be-Do-Have-Be

  • I rarely watch TV. Weeks go by without turning it on. I have one show I watch right now, and I watch it on my iPad. There are less than 5 series I try to keep up with during the fall/winter (sherlock/bbc, downtown abby, the following). I see nothing wrong with watching TV sometimes, if there is something you enjoy… it’s when your life revolves around it that it becomes a problem.

    • True. Just being for me was being something I had never been before so boredom was natural. I had to learn to settle in at this new stage in my life. However, instead of just ‘being” bored I found other ways to stimulate my mind, something I am in constant search of.

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