Seeing The Big Picture

Published August 22, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

In late November I created a vision board.  I hung it in my living room, and on it I posted pictures that would promote the creation of balance in my life.  I didn’t post anything material.  The only thing that matter to me was my overall health, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Unbeknownst to me I was creating an intention.  I made my desires known to the universe, and at the same time I didn’t change anything in my life to bring about this change.  I figured I would think about it after the first of the year.  I would allow myself to enjoy the holidays, and that I did.

It was less than a week later that I no longer had the desire to smoke.  It was like I was just over it.  Quitting wasn’t hard because the desire to do it left me somehow.  Then for Christmas I got a tablet from my son and husband.  I have never been much of a reader, but something inside of me was craving knowledge.  I had no idea what to read so I decided to start with the first book that struck me.  I began a journey to find out who I am and why I think and feel the way I do.  Why do I imprison myself with so many addictions.  Just before New Years I decided to quit drinking.  It wasn’t like I thought about it at all I just became enlightened to the fact that it wasn’t fun anymore.  It was actually just the opposite it became almost painful.  So, as you can see my intentions and desires are rapidly coming to fruition over just a short period of

At the beginning of the year I was nearly three hundred pounds.  I knew I needed help, but what I have always done was not working.  I would diet and lose weight, however my staying power was only three months.  I always started out strong but essentially after three months I would go the other way and slowly but surely put the weight back on plus some.  So instead of forcing myself to eat a certain way or workout, which I am not exactly a fan of to begin with I just began to journal all of my thoughts and feelings and read as much as I could on how to transform the mind.  How to detoxify my thoughts, and almost Instantly I began to lose weight.  Something inside of me was choosing healthy foods and inspiring me to walk and move my body more.  Inspiring me to learn more about me.  Over the next few months I went from a size twenty-four to a size sixteen with the greatest ease I have ever experienced.

Now that I am able to see the big picture I can see that I simply allowed the universe to take care of the details by practicing the law of least effort and detaching myself from the outcome.  The universe and/or God , if you will, has created a path of healing for me.  I am so grateful for that and to know that there is a cosmic intelligence especially designed for each of us specifically.

Finally the most amazing aspect of the journey was the introduction to meditation through Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.  It seemed to not only pull everything together but open up an entire new world for me.  It allowed me to just be.  To embrace the silent witness from within.  It allowed me to recognized the thoughts and feelings that were coming from my ego, and the peace that lives within my consciousness.

Meditation has now become a passion of mine.  It has opened me up to understand all the different aspects for creating balance in my life such as getting the proper amount of sleep, filling my body with the proper nutrition, and providing my mind with only the best quality thoughts.


11 comments on “Seeing The Big Picture

  • I applaud you on losing the weight. I did so after a stroke and I know it was hard for me. I noticed a lot of my minor problems: asthma and snoring were gone after I lost the weight. Did you notice any benefits?

  • Congrats!! Isn’t that magnificent! There’s a great book called The Only Diet There Is and it’s a spiritual book about a diet free of negative thinking, it’s wonderful! Is there a Center for Spiritual Living in your area? You’d love the Sunday Celebration talks.

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