You Can’t Afford Not To!

Published November 1, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

gethealthyThis morning while I was meditating I felt the urge to write a blog about being able to afford to eat healthy.  So many times I hear people tell me they cannot afford to eat healthy, and  that’s the reason they are over weight.  It is simply not in their budget.  I find this sincerely funny since most of these people who “cannot afford” to buy healthy food can afford to eat out every day.  They can afford to stop by their favorite fast food restaurant several times a week but cannot afford to purchase a package of chicken, a couple of pounds of ground turkey and some vegetables.  Below is my grocery list, and some of these items only have to be purchased once a month.  It is less than a hundred dollars.  Therefore eating healthy is very affordable and can no longer be an excuse for being overweight.

Lg Pack Chicken – $10.00

Lg Pack 93% lean ground turkey-$7.75





3 pk Bell Pepper-$2.00

salad Mix-$2.00


Sandwich Thins-$2.50



Small box Truvia-$3.00

Spaghetti Sauce-$1.00

2 Canned tomato (low sodium)-$1.00

Canned Green Beans (low sodium)-$1.00

Fat-Free Mozzarella-$3.00

Reduced-Fat Parmesan-$2.89

Salad Dressing-$1.99

Hot Wing Sauce-$2.00

Frozen Blue Berries-$2.00

Sugar-Free Pudding-$1.00

Fat-Free Milk-$2.50


Extra Virgin Olive Oil-$4.50

Chicken Broth-$2.00

Frozen Stir Fry Veggies-$3.00

I feed myself on around a hundred dollars a week sometimes less.  Now take out a note pad and figure out how much money you spend on your weekly grocery list of unhealthy foods and frequent stops to the fast food joint, not to mention the endless supply of chips and soda’s you have to run out and get at the after hour convenient stores.

I dare say you are probably spending about the same, if not more.  I am the queen of excuses, people.  I have come up with them all, have used them all, and have done them all so to say that you can’t afford it is BS.  You can’t afford not to.  Now get to the grocery store and get those healthy foods and start cooking because the life you save may be your own.

🙂  This post may seem harsh but it is truly coming from a place love and respect.  I have been there and it wasn’t fun.  Lets get healthy and let’s do it together.


2 comments on “You Can’t Afford Not To!

  • I love your list. I am a reformed foodaholic. I was literally eating myself into the coffin. I had a minor stroke in 2003, was close to as death as I want to be for a while. I lost ninety pounds and gave up heavy deli meats, soda, and desserts. Your points are well taken.

    • Thanks 🙂 We all have the ability. I for one do not want to face stroke, diabetes or heart disease or any other obesity related health problems. It feels amazing to be on the mend. Now my mission; to help others. It’s a funny thing, once you find happiness you want to spread it around. 🙂

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