I Need the Help that Only God can Provide

Published November 3, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

661572591_1378832120I am in the midst of my greatest lesson.  I have a family member that is negative ninety-eight percent of the time.  This person is someone who I cannot simply exclude from my life, and even though there are days I wish I could, I would not because I love them.  I know that the spark they ignite within me is my problem.  I know this and I still am unable to tame the flame when I hear the meanest comments escape their lips.  I need your help, God.  I need to know what to fix within myself so that this persons way of being doesn’t affect me so.  I know that this person is probably my greatest teacher in life because until I am able to learn how to deal with my own emotional flare ups in these types of situations this lesson will not end.

I know that this person is probably sad inside and that they feel that life is against them.  Sadly they are right.  I used to walk the earth with this very attitude and it manifested all the wrong people into my life, and it manifested more problems than I cared to handle.  How do I help this person when they are unwilling to hear the truth?  How can I help them when their come back to my advice is “I don’t want to hear that positive bullshit”?  I pray for them daily and now I pray for myself because I am beginning the think the problem is actually mine.


13 comments on “I Need the Help that Only God can Provide

  • I have the same problem. The very same one. The problem is not yours, it’s theirs. Only they can evolve to a point where they understand that the negativity comes from them. Unfortunately with these kind of people that is a very tall order. All you can do is remember that you are on a different spiritual level and try to shield any negativity they chuck at you the best you can. That’s also a tough one. I know. I’ve been dealing with it all my life and it’s so draining. Keep the faith. One day it will be better for the both of us 🙂 No one deserves to be treated like that. They will come to understand that too one day. I believe that. Everyone has to be accountable for their actions on earth.

  • We all know someone negative. They always see the clouds in the sky as rain and not the reflection they shimmer on the lake below. It is always a bad day and not a day to be lived to the fullest. Just go with the flow. You can not change them and the more you try the more frustrated you are.

  • I just wish the negative people would keep their negative energy to themselves. I get frustrated with it myself because the negative person I’m thinking about always has to find a way to spread it around. I’ve heard them referred to as emotional vampires. I’ve put geographical distance between me and this person, but we still have to interact.

    • I understand and it makes a lot of sense that misery love company. It is so sad, really. I only wish I had a little distance but but I don’t. I am hoping one day that we do have a little distance so the misery is not so often anymore. 🙂

  • Yes. They are our best teachers! I don’t like it when I’m in the midst of it..gggrrrr.. but.. what happens with these conflicts? I turn to my God. Good stuff. Forgive them..forgive ourselves , over &over & over. I also have to take breaks from them and/or limited time. AND….KEEP THAT POSITIVE STUFF FLOWING LIKE AN I.V.!!!! You are awesome & so are they. They just don’t know it yet & sadly may never. Pray pray pray.;*

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