Ego; Edging God Out

Published November 4, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks I have been feeling as though my ego is trying to creep back in and take over.  I have spent the last year or so working on my state of consciousness moving as far away from the egoic mind as I can.  I have been reading and watching anything that would move me closer to my soul, but lately it seems that I have slipped back into that unconscious state of being.  A place I would just assume never go again.  It’s not hard to notice this happening, because when it does, I find myself eating more than I should.  I know that self-awareness is the only way to beat this, and I know that as long as I can catch myself slipping, I will be alright.

I was watching a PBS telecast over the weekend by one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Wayne Dyer who explains the ego as an acronym for “edging God Out”.  This makes perfect sense.  There is no way a person that is completely ego driven can be close to spirit in any way.  For myself, when I am being driven by ego I find myself easily offended.  I find myself judging others, and I find myself lost in senseless worry.  I also become agitated by the tiniest things.  Things that in a higher state of consciousness would appear comical.

I am taking a stand today.  I will be aware of my thoughts.  I will be aware of the presence of my ego, and I will make the shift to a more conscious state of mind as quickly as I can.  I will know that any thought creating fear or anxiety is one coming from my false sense of self.  I will hear it and allow it to slip away without judgement.  I will know that just because I think it does not make it so.



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