God Doesn’t Make Junk

Published November 10, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

As I read other weight-loss blogs I see a lot of the old me in them.  I remember when there was a time that I used shame and humiliation to try to force myself to lose weight. 11111111111 I felt like if I loved myself I would not be able to make the changes I needed to make to become a healthy person.  I used this method from the age of sixteen until the age of forty-four.  You would think I would have wised up somewhere in those twenty-eight years but loving myself healthy didn’t make any sense to me.  I felt that loving me would only make me fatter.  Then I heard someone say that true insanity was doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.  It was at that moment I thought I was quite possibly insane.  I knew right then and there that it was time to try something a little different.

When I began reading and becoming interested in spirituality my life slowly began to change.  I realized that I was a worthy, loving person who didn’t deserved to be treated the way I was treating myself.  I began to take the journey to get to know myself at a much deeper level and what I found was a lot of really great qualities.  So I was fat, big deal.  Most people have something they don’t like about themselves, mine was just visual apparent while others was not.  I learned that I could change my thoughts and in turn change my life.  I did not have to belittle myself in order to be anything other than who I was.

It was very easy actually, when I recognized a negative thought coming forth I would examine it.  I would really look deep into where that thought was coming from.  I would ask myself if this thought served me anymore and one hundred percent of the time it was old and outdated and came from a past experience that was traumatic and of the opinions of others.  It wasn’t even my own.  This was an amazing lesson for me.  I learned almost immediately that simply thinking something didn’t automatically make it true.  That most of what I was telling myself was a fabrication linked to my past.  It was a thought that came from a little girl’s point of view or a teenager’s point of view which only become distorted over time.

We have the choice to follow our thoughts or let them go.  I have chosen to let most of my old thoughts about myself go and it has changed my life.  I can tell you from a person that once lived a life of self-loathing that living a live of self-loving is much more rewarding.  It is so important to me that I help people who are like me, or rather, who are like the old me turn this around.  I have written about my journey in a book called No Will Power Needed.  I am very proud of it.  I didn’t do it to get rich or to make any kind of name for myself.  I did it to help people realize that to think you are anything other than divinely perfect is an insult to God.  God doesn’t make junk.

Start today by telling yourself what a beautiful person your are.  Even if you don’t believe it at first.  Continue to feed your mind with loving, compassionate thoughts.  The day will come that you will look in the mirror and the person looking back will smile back at you warmly believing each and every kind thing you have to say.

8 comments on “God Doesn’t Make Junk

  • This article brought tears to my eyes. I love it! That quote you used about insanity? I use that quote often in life. 😀 And you’re spot on about “Loving yourself as-is”. When I lost all my weight in 2007, I loved myself “As-is”. 🙂 When I speak to my wife again, or better yet, I’ll email her a link to your blog. She’s in a slump in the worst way and the relationship became toxic, so I had to leave her for more than one reason….

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