Toot Toot!!

Published November 15, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

tootSometimes it is absolutely necessary to toot your own horn.  Last night I decided to pull out that stack of jeans that my mom bought me this past summer at a garage sale.  They were all way to small.  I have been trying them on every month waiting for the day I would get them up, buttoned and zipped.  Well, yesterday was the day for one of them.  I was able to get them on and they are actually comfortable enough to wear to work today.  I am feeling particular sexy this morning. 😉

Since I don’t weigh or measure myself this is my only source of knowing whether or not what I am doing is working, well, this and the fact that I feel like a million dollars everyday.  I have more energy than I did when I was in my twenties, and more self acceptance than I have had, ever.  Therefore, I must surmise that I what I am doing is working wonderfully for me.  🙂

Life for this girl has changed immensely and I have God to thank.  When I needed support I stopped turning to the people in my life for it and turned to God and believe it or not it helped push me through to over a hundred pound loss.  Now, that been said, I am not a church goer or one of those bible pushers.  I simply have an amazing relationship with God that grows stronger everyday.  I am smart enough to know that the creator of the universe is guiding my steps, and I am willing to allow my steps to be guided.  I know longer have to be in control once I relinquished the control I have been able to see what is really out there for me, and I like it.

I live my life as though I am banking good karma.  I give out what I want to receive back and it has made my life so much better.  I have come to realize how true the statement; With God all things are possible, truly is.  Therefore, I have only God to thank that I have been able to find myself, and that I can live a healthy life, and I can do it without struggle.

Today is going to ROCK!!!!  I am off to read blogs and visit with my WordPress community because I just love them so much.


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