Suffering a Loss

Published November 16, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

51877bc4e8b9e_o_1Yesterday was a sad day.  My mother’s cat that she has had for fourteen years had a stroke and became paralyzed from the waist down.  The vet said there was really nothing they could do for her.  My poor mom now has to live with the fact that her precious baby came to her looking for help and she had to put her down.

Last night in a dream I saw a large purple butterfly.  It landed on my arm and with it came the thought; had Tabby not been able to get back home she would have lied somewhere and and died a slow horrible death.  This way she was able to be kept comfortable and peaceful until the end.  I believe she is with my father now, who loved this cat very much.

Thankfully this past year my views of death have changed dramatically.  I now believe that death is far from final.  That the shell that we carry may pass on but our soul lives forever.

She is happy and free once again to frolic and play in the grass.  She has given our family many years of joy which will forever live in our memory.

Death is sad, only for the living.  For it is us that must adjust to the loss of physical presence.  For the departed, they live on, healthy and free.  Life, in my opinion, is only a dream.  Real living comes after death when we awaken to true reality.


10 comments on “Suffering a Loss

  • For some reason I can’t leave a “Like” on your post, I keep getting some kinda blank pop up… But you know when I visit, I likes. 🙂

    Anyways, yeah, my mom lost her dog last year when her dog fell down some stairs outside, we think it cased a stroke…

    And your views on death? Me too! I have been changing my views on death for just over a year now. I no longer personally fear it. 🙂

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