Help Find My Sister

Published November 19, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Diamond Mike Watson



This little girl is my sister. This is the last picture taken before she disappeared. She was named Deborah Kay Price and was born on 12-6-1955 at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. My birthmother (who resembles Lucille Ball in photo) was Betty Price. Betty married Carl Price 12-29-1951. Carl was born 7-8-1926. He was 26 when they married. They divorced 9-15-1955.

Betty then married Kenneth Snyder 10-23-1958.

Betty’s parents were Otis and Hattie Stewart from Coatesville, IN. I was the middle of five kids. First was Michael David Price (whose last name later changed to Snyder), Debra Kay Price, me (born 2-25-1958), Susie Snyder, and Kenny Ray Jr. Snyder. I was the only one adopted out. My birthmother died at the age of 46 and I never did meet her.

I spent twenty years searching for my past, and I am prepared to spend twenty more years looking for…

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