From Negative Nelly to Positive Penny

Published November 23, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks
Please click the picture for instructions on how to live a happy life.

Please click the picture for instructions on how to live a happy life.

Yesterday eHow posted this picture of the twelve things happy people do differently.  When reading over the list I realized that I had unknowingly incorporated these twelve things into my life over the course of this past year, and I have to tell you I have never been happier in my life.  I can only say that once I surrendered my life to the guidance of the universe or, God as I choose say it,  was I able to see the path I was supposed to take.  Meaning, once I stopped making rigid plans for my life and trying to adhere to them without sway was I able to open myself up to the natural flow of my life.  I was able to find an effortless way of achieving what I wanted without the struggle I normally faced in the past.

I now see that if there is a struggle then I am not doing it right.  If you haven’t discovered the 7-Spiritual Laws for Success by Deepak Chopra I suggest you give it a look-see.  It will change your life dramatically.  The old adage; no pain, no gain is absurd and untrue.  You do not have to put yourself through all of that to find success.  For example; I have struggled with my weight and my negative mind for more than forty years, but once the surrender happened I was able to change it without any struggle or effort on my part.  Don’t be fooled that you have to suffer in order to “make it”.  Relax and pay attention and the doors will open for you.  The path will be clear and effortless.

Take it from a girl who used to struggle against everything in life, and I mean, everything.  Now, I struggle against nothing.  I am able to flow with grace from moment to moment loving life and feeling explosions of joy from the pit of my gut.  I would not trade my new way of living for my old, and if you speak to my family they will say the same.  I caused a lot of pain for those who loved me in the past due my choice to live within my own struggle.  This surrender was the greatest gift I could ever give to, not only those that love me, but those who I come in contact with on a daily basis.  The cashier at the grocery store, the people I work with, or the people I pass on the street are now better off because of the choice I have made to live a full, happy, flowing life.

Be a blessing to others by being a blessing to yourself.


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