Happy Thanksgiving <3

Published November 27, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Today is our first real snow fall of the year, and Tootsie’s first snow fall ever.  She enjoyed chasing the flakes while I shoveled the driveway.  That is a workout in itself.  It’s my first time shoveling and boy-oh-boy did I worked up a sweat.  I figured since I wouldn’t be making it to Curves this morning I would do a bit of shoveling in its place.  Boo boo kitty, as you can see, hates the snow and the cold weather.  He wont be going out for a while now.  I’m not complaining I like having him in the house since in the summer months we rarely see him.

So, my mini plan is to make up the days missed at Curves by going on Friday and Saturday.  This will ensure that I still get in my four days for the week.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving which means the food shall be pouring in by the truck loads.  The cheese balls, Christmas cookies, and chocolates will be lining the filing cabinets at work from now til the end of the year.  All I can do is ask God to help me to maintain my healthy boundaries throughout the Holiday season.  I ask that I am able to enjoy an occasional treat without over indulging to the point of feeling ill.  I do have a tendency to do that, however, I know that as long as I am fully present and aware I will be able to control it.  Self-awareness, I have found, is the key to success when changing a negative habit.

Over indulgence makes me feel out of control and horrible.  That is not the way I intend on spending my holiday season.  It is only four weeks and should be a happy time.  I can get through this, I know I can.  After all, I do have the best support I could ever ask for, God, and with God all things are possible.  Right?  🙂

I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday and are able to spend with the ones you love.

Nameste Love_heart


2 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving <3

  • Yes! Any thing is possible with God! Prayer with small actions when the thinking starts to get to you. Washing dishes, wiping a table, taking out the garbage, or taking a walk around the block. Rerouting that energy. When I was newly sober I even had to leave partys early but looking back, sssoooo worth it. Change is not easy but it IS possible. Happy Thanksgiving!

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