Police Search For Suspect In Another Possible ‘Knockout Game’ Attack

Published November 30, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

This is truly unbelievable. Lets make an example of this guy and hopefully put a stop to this.

CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police were searching Saturday for a suspect in an attack on a 76-year-old woman in Brooklyn, in what was believed to be another possible instance of the “knockout game.”

The attack happened in broad daylight Friday in East New York.

Around 11:35 a.m., the woman was walking along Wortman Avenue when the suspect came up to her from behind and punched her in the head, police said. The woman fell to the ground.

The suspect ran off, police said. The victim was taken to Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center, where she was treated and released.

Police have released surveillance photos of the suspect.

The attack is suspected to be the latest in a string of attacks in the so-called “knockout game,” a violent trend in which youths sucker-punch unsuspecting strangers for kicks.

Several attacks have taken place in recent weeks in Brooklyn

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