22 Days and Counting…. What will you do with them?

Published December 3, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I used to be the kind of person that was afraid to be positive because I feared if I was that fate would step in and slam the door on me.  Now I know that is no way to live.  I was the kind of person that wouldn’t even proclaim that today would be a good day because I felt as though by doing so I was dooming myself to a bad day, or jinxing myself, as some would say.  Now, I can see how wrong that way of thinking actually was.  I was setting myself up for those so-called “bad days”.  I was the negative driving force behind my terrible “luck”.

Today I no longer believe in luck.  I believe in blessings and I believe that everything has some good in it.  Whether or not we are able to see it when it is happening.  There will come a day when it will make sense and something good will emerge from the ashes that once was.  I no longer have bad day, and I don’t believe in jinxing myself.  I do believe, however that we manifest our own lives, meaning; if we believe our lives are full of bad circumstances than it surly will be.  On the other hand if we believe we are blessed, than that is also what will be.When I look back at how horrible my story was, I can see how I created that story.  I was overweight and struggling to get by every day because that is what I believed I deserved.  That is what I believed was in the cards for me.  What an unfortunate way to perceive life.  Here we are, given the greatest gift that ever could be and we complain our way through it.  We act selfishly not seeing the hardships of other’s but instead only our own.

I am so grateful for every circumstance in my life.  Every one, because they all have taught me so much.  They have taught me that I am not the most important cog in the universe.  I am merely a microscopic piece of dust that makes up the whole cog.  That is what we all are.  We are just a tiny spec among the vastness of one.  We are all connected, therefore when we hurt someone else, we are only hurting ourselves.

With Christmas approaching how amazing would it be if we each did one kind thing for another person each day for the days leading up to that big day, Jesus Christ’s Birthday.  It doesn’t have to be anything huge, a kind word, a smile, holding the door for someone, a hug,  or a small gift.  Just something that shows God how we appreciate all that we have and all that He has done for us.


8 comments on “22 Days and Counting…. What will you do with them?

  • Be bold and strong and of good courage because the Lord is with You!!! I loved your blog it really spoke to me, maybe we can start from today seeing ourselves the way God sees us and not the way our fears tell us we look! Here if you need me. God bless you tones 🙂

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