If Money Were No an Issue

Published December 6, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

xpk0xipTNeyFpJ8233jj_DollarBills_401K2012This morning I woke up with the idea that I should do a blog about what I would do if money were not an issue.  So here it is.  It was actually fun and interesting as to what I came up with.  This is something we don’t contemplate very often in our lives.

If money were not an issue I would first send a hundred thousand dollars to each of my sister’s and my brother.  I would then send a hundred thousand to each of their kids, and another hundred thousand to each of their kids.  For anyone under the age of eight-teen I would put that money into a trust for them to receive at the age of twenty-one.

Next I would buy each of my kids a house and a car.  I would offer them a monthly allowance only to be received after a hundred and twenty hours of volunteer work a month is completed.  There are also a handful of people who are not related to me that I would love to give a hundred grand to as well.  People who have touched my life, people who have went the extra mile to help me out when they didn’t have to.

I would buy a modest home in rural California so Rog and I had somewhere warm to spend the winter months, as well as a small house in my home town because I love the change of the seasons here.  I would be sure that where ever we live is surrounded by nature, foliage as far as the eye can see.  I would have a meditation garden where I could sit, reflect and become still.  I would spend my days writing and being of service to people.  I would look into the world of philanthropy as I would want to be sure to give back to those who struggle.

I would not spend extravagant amounts of money on clothes, shoes, and cars.  I would still live modestly in order to help other people.

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