♥The Universe Supports Me♥

Published December 10, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

1981_413559908743357_1804469051_nYesterday was pretty fabulous.  Just using a couple of the techniques from the What are you hungry for?  program By Deepak the last two days have made life a lot easier.  I have been able to eat right and not over indulge.    I am amazed, and I know that I only need three weeks to make this a habit.  I am well on my way.  Simply rating how hungry I am before eating and only eating when I am actually hungry then stopping when I am satisfied worked like a charm.  I normally eat every three hours without even contemplating whether I am hungry or not .

Yesterday, when I normally had my afternoon snack I did my hunger rating and found that I was still satisfied from lunch, so I didn’t eat it.  I didn’t find myself becoming hungry again until dinner time.  There was a time that I thought of eating when I wasn’t hungry and I did the What are you hungry for hand gesture technique to see what exactly it was I was craving, and it wasn’t food at all.  It was some emotional aspect I was trying to fulfill so I did a breathing exercise counting from one to twenty on each inhale and exhale and by the time I got to twenty the craving was gone.  BAM!  I felt like some sort of miracle had fallen over me.

I am ready to take on another day knowing that I do not have to count on my willpower any longer.  I only have to make the techniques that I mentioned above a normal part of my daily life and I will put all this mess behind me and move on to the real living, fulfilling my purpose in life.  A life a self discover and helping others find their own peace.  🙂  I am feeling empowered.  I am ready for anything, so bring it on!

I’m off to Curves this fine, chilly morning.  Then to work to enjoy the warmth of my office, and my hot cup of tea while I watch the snow fall from my front window.  Life is simply wonderful.

I am so grateful to have seen the PBS special the other day outlining this amazing program.  Thank you God and Thank you again, Deepak.  I know it was no coincidence that I turned the guide channel on just before it was about to air.  You just got to love how the universe unfolds exactly as it should.


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