Just One Step Closer to Knowing Me Better

Published December 13, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

the-awakening-of-the-self-awareness-equinox-paulo-zerbatoI just realized that yesterday when I succumbed the chocolates in the office I didn’t one time use my moodra to figure out what I was hungry for.  I simply locked into wanting the chocolate and went for it.  I got the idea that it was Christmas so it was OK, which I do feel it was OK, and I am not upset or angry over it.  I just wish I would have at least used the moodra and proceeded with awareness instead of going forward unconsciously.  However, I recognize that is what I did which is enough to bring me closer to doing the right thing next time.  Self-awareness is what it is all about.  It matters not when the awareness comes but only that is does come.  Better late than never, as the old adage goes.  Next time I will become aware sooner, eventually moving the awareness to before the unconscious eating begins.  Every movement forward is a win.

Today I shall first, use the moodra (hand gesture; touching forefinger to thumb and asking:  What am I hungry for?  Am I hungry for food or an unfulfilled emotion?  On what scale am I actually hungry?)  and second, use the mantra; How hungry am I?  Before eating anything at all.  I intend on becoming more and more aware of how import it is to my health and well-being to incorporate these techniques into my daily life.  I intend on being compassionate with myself every step of the way in this journey to heal myself from the inside out.

Happy Holiday’s my WordPress community.  May God and the universe guide you to peace, light, and love 🙂


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