♥ Merry Christmas to Myself ♥

Published December 18, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

IMG_1199e2smSo I have decided that for the next seven days I am just going to enjoy the Holiday.  I am no longer going to argue and struggle through it.  I am going to continue to eat my healthy meals because I love them but I am not going to stop myself from enjoy the holiday treats.  It’s been a complete struggle up until now and I am tired of it.

I only have a week before I start my operation size 12.  I already have the magazines to start my next vision board.  I’m planning on putting it together this weekend.  I will be sure to post it when it’s done.  I am sure that once all the holiday dust settles and the sugary treats and carbs are not everywhere everything will be just fine.  I mean I prefer healthy clean eating to processed foods, however, I am finding in nearly impossible to stay away from the candy, crackers, and chips that seem to be hiding in every corner, both here at home, and at work.

I think if I remove the struggle, the need to have them may dull as well.  So as of today I am simply going to live and enjoy the time.  Then on the morning of December 26th, it is so on.  🙂

11 comments on “♥ Merry Christmas to Myself ♥

  • Sounds like you’ve surrendered…in a good way. It’s funny I felt the same way regarding the holidays. I’ve been struggling to enjoy them, but I’m not. So today when I gave up the fight about trying to “make it happen” I feel so much more at peace….go figure 😉

    • It is true that there is a sense of peaceful power in surrendering. I am so excited to get started on the next leg of my journey, Operation Size 12. I am going to be constructing my vision board this weekend. I am thinking this little break might be exactly what I needed 🙂

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