December 22, 2013 ♦Ice Storm Gemini♦

Published December 22, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Well, we’re up checking on the weather. We found our screen door stuck open so Rog had to go out and at least shovel enough to get the door closed. We continue to get pounded with ice. It stinks that I have to get my butt out there today and go to work. Yesterday wasn’t any better, except that I didn’t have to go out for any reason.

photoI didn’t do much of anything all day, however, I did do my vision board for Operation Size 12 that is due to begin on the 26th. This time I decided to take an old wooden folding tray table to make this one. I’ve got it almost all done. I just have to put a few more layers of polyurethane on it so it is completely sealed. It turned out pretty good I think.  I especially like the picture on the left that I put my head on.  😉  Now that looks like a healthy size for this girl.

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