Can You Afford Not To?

Published December 29, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

A friend of mine posted these on her Facebook page Sherrie Fitness & Nutrition, It’s a way of life

I felt as though they were a must share since so many people think that eating healthy is too expensive.  Check these out and feel free to drop by her Fitness & Nutrition group for more really awesome tips and support.  🙂


6 comments on “Can You Afford Not To?

  • I have cut out eating out. We do it once a month. That avoids the sitting down and eating whatever is in front of you. Also you do not know what is in the food. They may say low salt but in fact they do not care and you are paying for it.

  • It can become more expensive to eat healthy because it is much cheaper to buy junk sometimes than it is to buy healthy food. However, sometimes at work, for a few dollars each we all put in for bread rolls, meat, cheese and salad and make up a really cool lunch.

    • It doesn’t seem to be more expensive for me. I buy my ground turkey and chicken in big packages and separate them into portion sizes before freezing. And I still buy food for my kids because they will not eat healthy and I pay way more for their food than I do for my own.

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