My Intentions for 2014

Published January 1, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

104145810103953655_kar9nezz_cFirst of all I want to say that I expect to receive exceedingly, above and beyond explosive blessings this year.  2013 was truly an amazing year and I know that 2014 is going to be even better.  I have come to understand so many things last year, such as; I am the author of my own story.  I am the one that makes the good and even the bad in my life.

God helps those who help themselves, and I fully intend on helping myself as much as possible leaving the impossible to God.  Together I know we will accomplish things I never thought possible.  No lack will stop me, not lack of money, education, or creativity can stop God’s plan for my life.  If it is to be, He will make a way.

I fully expect to become even more self-aware putting my food issues behind me and ultimately becoming a healthy weight, once and for all.

I expect to find myself taking risks that will thrust me years ahead of my time.

I expect that I will grow in my writing and help more people than I could have ever thought possible.

I expect to grow spiritually and strengthen my relationship with God more and more each day.

I expect that I will do my best at work and at home honoring not only God, but myself in the process.

Finally, I expect that I am able to meet all of mine and my families needs throughout the year.

As you can see these are not New Years resolutions.  These are intentions.  It is through intent that all great things are achieved.  See the image above.  I have found that practicing these laws gives the greatest reward.  It is a peaceful way to let life evolve in the best way possible for oneself.  It is through surrender that great power is achieved, therefore I freely give this all to God, detaching myself from the outcome and simply living my best life, knowing that these intentions will be meant with effortlessness ease.

I pray that you all are able to find the peace and contentment that we are all meant to have.  I pray that prosperity and love chase you all down this year, and I pray that we are all able to be a little kinder to one another, as well.

Namaste’ ♥

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