Why I Meditate

Published January 2, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Before Meditation

I am getting ready to meditate and I am asking God what is my next best course of action?  Do I go to Curves in the freezing cold temps?  Do I blog about how I am feeling?  Do I turn to YouTube for some spiritual message?  What is my best next move?

After Meditation

Remember that everything happens for a reason.  Even being interrupted when meditating happens for a reason (my son got up to use the bathroom lol).  Even over eating on occasion happens for a reason.  Every single thing in life has a reason or a lesson behind it.  Nothing should be aggravating, only accepted and learned from.

mediateI have decided to go to Curves.  If I let the weather stop me I will never go.  Right now it is minus eleven degrees but feels like minus thirty-one with the wind chill.  I guess that is what the winter is going to be like this year.  I am simply going to have to accept it and move forward.  I mean winter still hast a full three months to run, so I can either sulk about it or use it to get my sh*t together.  I choose that latter.

Starting today I am going to journal my daily intentions in the morning, and in the evening I will access my day and state what I am most grateful for.  Yesterday I didn’t have a lot going on so I leafed through a few of my old journal’s from last year.  I noticed that at the beginning of the year I was doing just that.  I began my day by setting my intention and desires for the day and finishing the day off with how I did and what things happened that I could be grateful for, and I found that at the beginning of the year I was mostly pissing and moaning about my life but then gradually most of what I was writing turned positive and life affirming.

So there you have it.  I am going to live my life a little closer the 7-Spiritual Laws of Success carefully laid out by one of the greats, Deepak Chopra.  I am going to consciously make my desires known and then live my life fully and completely.  I am going to work a bit more on my self-awareness and pin point just what I am thinking and feeling throughout the day and why.

I am going to get back to studying what is important which is, me.  I am going to learn as much as I can about me and take this journey a bit further.  Over the past twelve months I have been successful in changing the negative narration that was running through my mind on a daily basis.  Now it is time to delve a little deeper.  It is time to be a bit more aware and sensitive to my feelings and why they crop up when they do.

By the way this is the reason I meditate.  If I had not  meditated I would not have gone to Curves.  I would have rationalized that is just to cold to go outside.  I would not have come to understand why it is important to know me, inside and out.  I would never have been able to change the negative thoughts that  used to rule my life.  I would have never been able to make the necessary healthy choices that got me from nearly three hundred pounds to just under two hundred.  So, when I suggest mediation to people, which I almost always do, it is because it has changed my life dramatically, and I just want to share that with everyone around me.  🙂



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