♥ My Daily Intentions for Saturday January 4, 2014 ♥

Published January 4, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I suppose it’s about time to get my daily intentions into place for the day.  Lately, simply putting my intention and desire into place first thing in the morning has been a great help in guiding my day in that very direction.

Today I intend on being productive.  A lot of times I find myself slumped in front of the television on the weekends which leads to boredom which leads to excessive eating.  Well, not today.  Today, I intend to find better, more productive things to do with my time.  If I do decide to watch TV I will limit it to one hour.  If there is something I absolutely need to see, I will DVR it and watch it without the commercials.


photo provided by Creative Design

I also intend to revamp my bedroom vision board.  I have carefully printed and cut out all of the pictures I intend to add and will get that done and photographed by the end of the day.  I call it my “bedroom vision board” because I have several visions boards all throughout my house.  It is not hard to tell that I am a believer.  🙂

I also intend on dancing for thirty to forty minutes depending on how long the songs are that I choose to dance to.  I have picked the number ten today, which means I will dance like a drunk girl to ten songs here in my living room since it’s to darn cold to get outside and enjoy a walk or any other outside activities.

I also intend to prepare a few meals for the fridge so I wont be tempted to grab junk.  Preparation is key to success!  😀

Finally, I intend to maintain my healthy boundaries by staying away from sugar of any kind (well except that found in natural fruit), drinking plenty of water, and enjoying my hot tea throughout the day.

There’s my Saturday in a nutshell.  My intentions and desires are clearly stated.  I am now ready to move forward with my day.

May you all be warm and cozy today and find a way to be productive, peaceful, and content.



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