My Daily Intentions and Desires ♥

Published January 15, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Flexible_thumbToday I intend to practice;

  • Breathing consciously
  • Assessing my hunger levels
  • Non-judgement of people and situations as they occur
  • Being flexible
  • Being in the present moment

The above practices are important to me.  I know that these are going to have to become daily practices in order to, number one, become good at them, and number two, to make them a habit.  I know it takes three weeks to make a habit so I am going to go to work today and put these on a sticky note and tack them to my computer screen.  I would like to make these second nature so I do them without thinking.

Yesterday was fabulous.  Simply consciously breathing and assessing my hunger before eating seemed to calm my mind enough so that I was not thinking about food unnecessarily.  Life is good!  Today is great!  🙂

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