It’s That Time Once Again ☺

Published January 17, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

shutterstock_63877450What are my intentions for the day?

  • I suppose, first and foremost, I intend on going to work and enjoying the warmth and peace of my little office.  Friday’s are always quiet and lovely.
  • Then, since I get off early today, I intend on going to Curves this afternoon for something to do.  Rog is working until 10 pm today so I will have plenty of time to fill.
  • After that I intend on going to see my mama, since I wont have a car to do so in the morning.
  • Finally, I intend on coming home and making up some healthy meals, package up my turkey in one pound packages for the freezer and doing some writing in my journal.

That’s about all I’ve got on my agenda for the day.  Of course as always I intend on;

  • Practicing consciously breathing
  • Assessing my hunger levels before eating
  • Practicing non-judgement of people and situations as they should arise
  • Practice being in The Now

The above are intentions I am working on making a habit in my everyday life, so they go without saying.  🙂

Happy Friday all ♥♥


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