One Step Closer to Success

Published January 21, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

36111-SuccessLast night I started a new routine, just before falling asleep I am mentally stating my affirmations.  Since I tend to fall asleep rather quickly, I did end up falling asleep while doing it, however, I noticed that when I woke up slightly to turn or readjust my body, my mind was still going through them.

Yesterday I happened upon a blog that gave me the idea to do this.  Much like this particular blogger, I happen to believe there are no coincidences and everything happens for a reason.  So when I read this blog I knew right away that it was for me.  A few days ago I started the, You Can Do It video on YouTube by Louise Hay which is a book of affirmations to manifest life in a positive way.  So you see, when I came upon Joe’s blog Let Me Sleep On It, it really spoke to me.

Therefore, last night I crawled into bed, shut the lights off, rolled over and began mentally stating my affirmations.  I wont get into all of them here but one of the really important ones is “I can resist sugar and unhealthy food because I choose to do so”.  I have been trying to quit sugar since the day after Christmas and as you can see I have yet to find success.  Today is day three of my venture to succeed, this time around.  I have taken the time to devise a strategy which I learned from Tony Robbins (he’s rocks by the way), and I am well on my way.  Now with this new added bonus I know I will do it this time.

This is not my first rodeo, I know that the first week of detox is the most difficult.  This is why I believe I was directed to Joe’s post, yesterday.  It’s just one more reinforcement to bring about the success I so truly deserve.  So, I am off to conquer the day and make my dreams come true.  I am heading out the door to get my morning workout in, then it’s off to work to enjoy the peace and tranquility of my office.

I am excited to report how today goes.  Since today is my birthday and another person’s birthday in the office, I am sure I will be seeing some sugary treats lingering.  I am going to know right away how this is  working by how my body reacts to the exposure physiologically.


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