I’m Getting Healthier; Mind, Body and Soul

Published January 29, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I am home from Curves.  My mind wants to tell me that I am fatter today.  I know that, that cannot be true.  I may have some water retention due to my period but I cannot possibly be fatter.  I am eating good and working out regularly.  Thank goodness I know better than to believe every thought that I have.  I know that there’s a little pain in the ass in there, that I call my ego that would love nothing more than to push me down whenever it can.  Well, I’m on to you buddy!  I reject that negative thought.  I am not getting fatter.  I am getting healthier; mind, body and soul.  There is nothing more irritating to the ego than to be rejected.  Haha!  This is my life, my mind, and my body, and I will think only the most empowering thoughts possible.14073817555412386XrOwMeKcc

I have worked so hard to change all of those negative thoughts that I used to carry around.  The thoughts that had me pushing three hundred pounds and depressed beyond belief.  It’s taken a long time to become self-aware enough to catch them in the act.  Even today, after almost two years of training, if I am not careful they will creep back in and try to take me back to that miserable, unhealthy girl I once was.  I can only be thankful that through my meditation practice and my spiritual growth that I’ve learned to spot the negative narrative almost instantly and change it.

I have learned that our mind will lie and manipulate us if we let it.  Believe it or not, our mind can and will be our worst enemy if we allow it to be.  I am grateful that I have learned how to recognize and stop those thoughts in their tracks.  I control my mind, not the other way around.

Take a stand today, say NO when your mind wants to beat you up.  Recognize that thought and change it.  You can do this.  Believe me if I can do it anyone can.  One thought at a time.  It gets easier and easier with practice.  Don’t you think you are worth it?  Because I do!


5 comments on “I’m Getting Healthier; Mind, Body and Soul

  • I’m reading a book about this sort of thing just now. In it she says that if we don’t love who we are now then we’ll never love ourselves when we’re slim either. I think she, and you, are completely right. We might be heavier than we want to be, but we’re already pretty amazing people 🙂
    Well done fighting the negative thoughts away. I still haven’t quite mastered it yet.

    • Thanks. Keep at it. It is so worth it. And yes, I used to hear people say “you have to change the inside in order to change the outside” which at the time didn’t make sense to me because I thought if I loved myself I wouldn’t change myself, but the truth is once I began to love myself I began to treat myself much better and the weight loss just seemed to follow. Good luck to you! We are amazing creatures. You know what they say; God doesn’t make junk 😀

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