In its Due Time

Published January 30, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

the-shining-frozen-jack-nicholsonHome from Curves!  My mind is a little over active today.  There is literally no reason for this.  I am going to have to make a conscious effort to be aware of my breath today.  Aside from not feeling well yesterday’s “less talk, more listen” went very well.  I am thinking today will have to be more of the same.  It is never good to over think, therefore it will be my intention to bring myself back into the “now” several times an hour.  My plan is to do this, simply by noticing the inhalation and exhalation of my breath throughout the day.  Mini meditations as I would like to call them.

I think most of us up here in the bitter cold, north country may have a touch of cabin fever.  We are used to the winter months, but this winter has been, by far, not usual in any way.  The temps have been the coldest we’ve seen in years with little to no break.  If we get above zero at all it feels like a spring day to us now.  I, myself, am dying to see the day that I can walk out onto my front porch and see the color green again.  For the smell of fresh-cut grass to fill the air would be better than baked apple pie at this point.

I know there is an end in sight, that is what is getting me through it, quite frankly.  The most time I have spent outside since Thanksgiving has been my three-minute ride to and from work.  This from a girl who found her love of nature this past summer.  I miss my old friends, the trees.  I miss walking to and from work feeling the breeze gently whip through my hair.  Oh God!  It’s no wonder my mind is on active mode these days.  Here I am longing for something that is out of the realm of possibility now.  I am supposed to revel in the now, not yesterday, not tomorrow.  What am I doing?

It’s a good thing I like to make a lesson out of life because this is a good one.  I need to stop!  Spring and summer will be here in its due time, not one minute before.  I shall move forward and embrace the rest of this season.  I will find ways to find the beauty in it.  I will take a step back and be present, because that is where life is, in this moment right now.  Memories are a lovely place to visit but we cannot get ourselves stuck there.  It is time to move forward with my day, go to work, enjoy the peace and contentment of my office, and enjoy the company of my cohorts.


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