My Affirmations

Published February 1, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

hqdefaultOn January 17th I followed an audio book called I Can Do It by Louise Hay on YouTube, and I have to tell you since picking my affirmations and using them on a daily basis my life has already made a change for the better.  It’s only been a mere fourteen days and I have not eaten any white refined sugar or sugar substitutes or any product composed of this unhealthy substance such as candy, cakes or cookies in that time.  I have also acquired a new car without even looking for one.  It was gifted to me.  It is beautiful, clean and possibly the best running car I have ever owned.

Below I am going to share my affirmations that I use on a daily basis.  I also try to remember to feed these affirmations to myself just before falling asleep at night because they seem to stick better that way.  They have become a part of my subconscious thoughts and I find myself reciting them often throughout the day.  I cannot express how important it is to have a positive stream of thoughts running through our minds at all times.

Give it a try.  It’s not only worth it, but it is fun.  The trick is to think in the present tense and really believe.  It will not work if you recite positive affirmations but tell yourself it’s silly and it wont work.  I suggest you seek out Louise’s audio book and give it a shot.  I have provided the link above.  Hurry, before it is taken down.  Take notes, and give it your all and then sit back and watch your life become all you have ever wanted it to be.

Here are my affirmations, just to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

  • I resist sugar and unhealthy food because I choose to do so
  • I love and honor my body by feeding it only the most nutritious foods and by giving it the exercise it so richly deserves
  • I am ready and open to the good and abundance of the universe, thank you life
  • I am creative and therefore express myself in creative ways
  • I am a magnet for money, money flows freely threw me
  • I am prosperous at every turn
  • My income increases constantly
  • I am in perfect health, my body know exactly what it needs, to be balanced, centered and healthy at all times
  • I love me and trust fully in the guidance of my intuition

So there you have it.  I have not tried to make anything happen or to make any changes other than to introduce those nine positive affirmations into my life.  Louise provides many, many affirmations in the book for a love, wealth, health, and self-esteem.  Take the time to check it out, even if you can only do ten minutes here and ten minutes there.  You wont be sorry.


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