It’s the Happiest of Happy Hump Days!!

Published February 12, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks
Click image for credits

Click image for credits

Happy hump day my friends.  So far I have to say this eating with awareness thing I have been doing has been a God send, and I mean that literally.  I believe that this information was placed in front of me at a time that I really needed it.  Each day it gets easier and it seems as though it’s all a mental challenge, which means that in time I will no doubt be able to make it a natural part of my life.

I know at first I was angry that I was let in on the fact that I had gained weight even though I was working out six days a week but now I know that little bit of information was shared with me as a way to start the change.  Had I not known I would not have been open to the information on how to eat with awareness.  I would have continued on month after month gaining no ground, only weight, if you will.

That been said, I am off to yet another day of living with a calming vibration throughout my entire body, including my mind.  I have stumbled on a gold mind of information every person with a weigh issue should know.  It’s not all that difficult especially when your only asked to give it one week.  One week, seven short days, heck anyone can do anything for that amount time.

If you are interested in learning just the “taste” part of the Magical, Mind & Body by Deepak you can click the link and move the cursor to 2:06:00 This will take you directly to the start of the eating with awareness section of the book.

Good luck to you all!  There is so much information in this book for all aspects for a healthier, happier life.  It’s definitely worth your time.


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