Is This What it is For Me? Just Another Therapeutic Post

Published February 14, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I guess it’s time for a little mind therapy for Michele.  Yesterday went well until the evening when I stayed up later that I usually do to enjoy some time with the hubby.  He brought home some Valentines cookies and chicken wings, so I of course helped him eat them.  This was my one meal that was off plan this week.  This meal put me 900 hundred calories over my maintenance amount.

All week-long I have been able to create a nice sized deficit for each day.  Let me explain, my maintenance amount of calories in 1900 for the day.  All week-long I have eaten around 12-13 hundred calories a day and burned 500 calories working out which left me somewhere around a 1000 calories deficit for each day.  I am trying to be more aware of just how harmful overeating can be toward the hard work I have put in during the week.

For the past several months I would do very well during the week, then on the weekend I would each horribly for an entire day.  Now, if one meal can put me over by 900 calories I can only imagine what an entire day would do.  During this time I wasn’t tracking my calories.  I guess I just assumed that if I did awesome for six out of the seven days of the week I had to be ok, I had to be losing weight.  Well, I can see now that this could not be further from the truth.  If one meal can take me over by 900 calories, an entire day could take me over by the thousands, eating up any and all of the deficit I worked to create during the week.  Not only will it eat it up but it could actually put me over far enough to cause a weight gain.

I am glad to have stumbled across a blog recently that explained this all to me and suggested to have a “cheat” meal not a “cheat” day.  I am praying that I am able to get through the rest of my long weekend and stay within plan.  It is certainly not easy being that I have three days off and today is Valentines day.  I am hoping that with all this new awareness that I am able to create long-lasting positive changes in my life.

7903447I am not looking to drop a ton of weight quickly, I am perfectly alright with 6-8 pounds a month at this point.  I am not in a hurry, I just want to be healthy and happy.  I don’t want to have to live each and every day with the burden of thinking about food.  I am hoping to get this all nailed down one day so that I can just live my life.  Is this even possible?  Or is this just the life I have been dealt and will have to track each and every bite until the day I die?

Either way, I am off to face the day.  I am headed out to go to Curves to get my Jillian workout done for the day.  We got another foot of snow over night.  Its beginning to depress the hell out of me.  Will this ever end?

11 comments on “Is This What it is For Me? Just Another Therapeutic Post

  • Aw, I’m sorry to hear about the snow and that you’re feeling a little down…but you will get everything back on track and feel great in no time! You have already come such a long way and are doing wonderfully. Be happy you’re so motivated, healthy, and happy! Have a great day!

  • And in the UK we are under feet of water! Noahs ark is applicable to everyone below us in Scotland at moment! With awareness comes power perhaps to change things round. And we all have awfully naughty days!! I think the secret is just to keep going…

    • I think you are right Stephanie. I knew this morning that even though I was feeling like poo that I needed to get up and do my dancing and then head to the gym. I can’t give up because I know if I do I will be back to three hundred pounds in a blink of an eye.

      Sorry to hear about the flooding on your side of the world. I guess we are all affected by the weather in some way. Prayers to you. I hope you have a wonderfully peaceful and contended day 🙂

  • This too shall pass. We all get down but pat yourself on the back for taking the positive action of working out! Because you are taking care of your mind, body & spirit, it will become more and more of a way of life and the struggles will be less and less. It’s a process, not an event :-). In the mean time you are kicking butt lady!

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