20 Reasons to be Happy ☺

Published February 18, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks
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This is inspired by my good friend Kim from the WordPress community.  Sometimes we all need to state the reasons we are happy and today is my turn.  So here we go, here are twenty reasons why I am happy today.

  1. I am breathing
  2. I have a nice running car that is all warmed up to take me to Curves
  3. I have a wonderful loving husband
  4. I have three wonderful kids who love and respect their parents
  5. I have a warm home to shelter us from the bitter cold
  6. I have a job that allows me the freedom I need to take care of my family as well as a peaceful warm office
  7. I have two beautiful loving kitties that are the loves of my life
  8. I am able to pay my bills and take care of my family better than I ever have before
  9. I have the healthiest lifestyle I have ever had in my life
  10. I have a wonderful relationship with God that is full of trust, understanding, and support
  11. I have the sweetest mother in the world, she has been there for all of us more than anyone could ever know
  12. I have a new-found love and passion for cooking healthy meals
  13. I have found a love for meditation
  14. I have energy and a zest for life that I never had before
  15. I have learned how to keep a positive attitude even in the midst of tough times
  16. For the hot coffee in my cup
  17. For my morning quiet time
  18. The love of my family
  19. My ear buds and Bee Gees on Pandora
  20. Finally that I am self-sufficient

There it is.  Believe it or not that took some thought.  That is a lot of reasons to be happy right there.  🙂  I feel blessed to have such kind and caring people in our little blogospere.  I hope everyone out there takes the time to realize all the reasons they have to be happy in their life as well.  It’s hard to be depressed when you have so many reasons to be grateful.

Nameste’  ♥


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